Design Absorption Panel - SH006 - Felt Lamination
Design Absorption Panel - SH006 - Felt Lamination SH006Round
Design Absorption Panel - SH006 - Felt Lamination SH006Round

Design Absorption Panel - SH006 - Felt Lamination SH006Round
Soundproofing Panel with Acoustic Felt Lamination
  • available as circle or ellipse
  • 14 different colours, from trendy and eye-catching to classic and discreet
  • deliverable in various material strengths and fire classifications
  • versatilely applicable, e.g. for sound insulation in offices, conference rooms, living rooms, medical practices, law offices, schools
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Design Absorption Panel - SH006 - Felt Lamination SH006Round

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FormatHeightAbsorption factor according to DIN 52212
in mm in mm
    125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz
1000 x 500 30 0,10 0,50 0,78 0,63 0,49 0,53
1000 x 500 50 0,17 0,73 0,71 0,59 0,57 0,45
1000 x 500 80 0,23 0,75 0,73 0,64 0,59 0,70


All absorption factor measurements were carried out on polyester acoustic foams by the Institute of Technical Acoustics (ITA), Aachen University. Incidental absorption factor results greater than 1 may occur with the practical measurement methods used by the ITA. They originate from the fact that the operative surface of absorbers slightly exceed the geometrical surface.


Due to its broad absorption spectrum, this acoustic foam is highly versatile. During production, this specific acoustical foam is surface-coated with top-quality acoustic felt. This surface allows sound to permeate the pore structure. As a result, effective sound absorption is united with an appealing visual appearance.

Please note that this aixFOAM product is invariably made to order due to the variety of available options we as a manufacturer are able to offer. Thus all our customers receive their personal aixFOAM - acoustical absorption product, explicitely delivered as requested according to their needs and demands.

This product is manufactured according to DIN 7715 Teil 5 P3.

Packaging Unit  
subject to material thickness (please see category "Format" of the calculation window under the heading Prices).

Further background information  
Here some further background information about “acoustic comfortableness”: This term describes very vividly that not only warmth and dryness have a decisive influence on the human wellbeing, but also the acoustics within a room have a huge influence on the current mood of a person. Not until the room acoustic “mistakes” become obvious a lot of house-owners start thinking about the configuration of the room acoustics. Especially when the premises are used in a different way than originally planned or when the applications change over the years. In the construction sector there have been notable changes regarding sound insulation/absorption. In our days small offices are turned into call-centres and open space offices and nothing is more annoying than loud background noises while you are trying to work concentrated.
This is exactly where our products come into play! Our sound-absorber SH006 is special designed for modern buildings and covers a wide absorption spectrum. The high quality felt-surface lets the sound go through into the porous structure of the foam and, in so doing, enables a highly effective sound absorption. But our aixFOAM acoustic product is not only functional – with its elegant design it brightens up every room. Due to their simple installation and of course their high effectiveness the design sound absorbers become more and more popular – understandably. You will be amazed by our round and/or oval sound absorbers and by their variety of colours!


A true eye-catcher or a discreet design element?
Our soundproofing panels can be used for any room design!

  • royal blue
  • may green
  • marbled amber
  • design red
  • marbled fuchsia red
  • marbled sandstone
  • marbled ivory
  • mocha brown
  • terra brown
  • marbled maroon
  • marbled graphite grey
  • black
  • ash grey
  • marbled light grey

The colour of the absorption foam is anthracite.

Assembly options   
aixFOAM self-adhesive equipment    
The back of the absorber is coated by machine in the factory with a solvent-free adhesive system and covered with lining paper. This lining paper must be removed by the customer before bonding.

Material Options
Fire classification FMVSS302 DIN 75200
Fire classification DIN 4102 B2 (exclusively with aixFOAM self-adhesive equipment) (refer to online advisor)
The shown fire classification refer exclusively to the acoustic foam chosen. With a few exceptions, the acoustic foam offered with fire classification DIN 4102 B1 or B2 is also certified including the self-adhesive equipment.
Format Options
All aixFOAM products are available in different material thicknesses and the corresponding packing units.

1 set ellipse consists of:   
1 piece ca. 1000 x 500 mm   
4 piece ca. 135 x 90 mm

1 set circle consists of:   
2 piece diameter ca. 500 mm   
2 piece diameter ca. 120 mm

Application areas:   
wall and ceiling coverings, call center, office, conference room, living room, sound studio, rehearsal room, hifi-room

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