aixSILENT acoustic ceiling banner convex - uni (SH040) SH040KONVEX
aixSILENT acoustic ceiling banner convex - uni (SH040) SH040KONVEX
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aixSILENT acoustic ceiling banner convex - uni (SH040) SH040KONVEX
aixFOAM acoustic ceiling banner "Convex"
  • Available in 9 different colous
  • Size 200 x 100 cm
  • Ideal for acoustic optimization, e.g. In foyers, meeting rooms, lounges, meeting rooms, offices, large offices
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aixSILENT acoustic ceiling banner convex - uni (SH040) SH040KONVEX

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With our aixSILENT acoustic ceiling banner "convex", we offer you a highly effective and exclusive soundproofing solution for communal rooms, offices and many other areas in which the room acoustics can be improved by using modern ceiling suspended elements. Thanks to its curved shape, this horizontal suspended acoustic absorber is also a unique eye-catcher.

Ever-growing demands on living and working environments create increased expectations regarding room acoustics. Especially in areas such as living spaces, offices, call centres, meeting rooms and communal areas, no compromises should be made in terms of the design of room acoustics. Not only the haptics play a key role here, but also consideration for the sense of hearing.

In the construction of office buildings, public facilities, but partly also of apartments, so-called "acoustically hard" materials are often used. This includes, concrete, glass and smooth plastic, among others. These materials not only have an impact on the general acoustics, they can also worsen them. In many cases, the acoustics in the room are so poor that the room sounds hollow and empty. Although a beneficial result is already possible through the use of wallpaper, curtains and carpets, truly effective sound insulation can only be achieved with the help of high-quality sound insulation products.

In porous absorbers, such as our aixSILENT acoustic ceiling banner, the vibrations of the individual air particles are slowed either more or less, depending on the friction loss, and the noise is reduced. Our effective design acoustic absorbers can, therefore, be optimally used as a balance to "acoustically hard" materials. It is highly effective in sound absorption and thus provides good sound insulation in call centres and other large rooms, for example.

Since the acoustic fabric covering is available in a variety of colours, our aixSILENT acoustic sail fits perfectly into any existing environment. This allows for not only an acoustically balanced room, but also the option of creative design.

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aixSILENT acoustic ceiling banner "convex" at a glance

  • excellent acoustic properties
  • exclusive finishing
  • available in 200 cm length and 100 cm width
  • high-quality suspension system
  • Transformation of the acoustic energy into thermal energy through material-specific pore structure
  • ideal professional solution for the reduction of perceived noise in offices and for soundproofing in living space
  • available in different colours

We produce the aixSILENT acoustic ceiling banner "convex" according to DIN 7715 Part 5 P3.

Packing unit
- 1 piece including fixing set

Delivery options
- various fabric coverings

- 200 cm x 100 cm (without installation system)

Our high-quality aixSILENT acoustic sail comes with a corresponding installation system.

The aixSILENT Acoustic Sails SH040 "convex" are, due to their broad absorption spectrum, ideal for sound insulation in conference halls and other large spaces. The fabric-covered surface results in not only an effective impression of space and better speech intelligibility, but they also visually enhance the room. The wide variety of colours allows for individual interior design and a perfect fit to the respective architectural conditions. Depending on your personal preferences, you can integrate our aixSILENT Absorber unobtrusively into the environment or create striking accents.

Our modern sound absorber are most suitable for:

soundproofing of or in:
  • Rooms with visitor traffic
  • schools and kindergartens
  • churches
  • exhibition halls
  • conference halls
  • trade fair halls
  • call centres
  • commercial premises
  • lecture halls
Soundproofing in:
  • conference centres
  • hotel lobbies
  • living rooms

With our acoustic sails, we help you there where it's not just a matter of improving the room acoustics, but also that of where individuality, style and elegance are in demand. These acoustic absorbers have been specially developed to optimise the acoustics in the room, to minimise the echo and for effective noise and sound insulation. Reducing the noise level increases well-being and concentration. This results in a considerable increase in performance.

The acoustic foam we use is made of artificially produced materials with a relatively low density and pore cellular structure. These are open-cell and closed-cell types . With porous absorbers, the so-called PUR foams, which are the walls located between the individual cells are partly open, and thus offer an ideal basis for the particular sound drains.

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