Acoustic Ceiling Panel Plain (SH010PLAIN)
Acoustic Ceiling Panel Plain (SH010PLAIN) SH010PLAIN
Acoustic Ceiling Panel Plain (SH010PLAIN) SH010PLAIN

Acoustic Ceiling Panel Plain (SH010PLAIN) SH010PLAIN
Highly effective acoustic suspended units with cable system installation
  • Homogeneously porous surface, highly sound-absorbing
  • Dimensions100 cm x 48 cm
  • Available colors: dark gray, white gray
  • Especially heat and flame resistance, corresponds to fire protection class DIN4102 B1
  • For various fields of application, e.g. Sound insulation of halls, premises, congress rooms, sound insulation of industrial halls, workshops, productions and business premises
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Acoustic Ceiling Panel Plain (SH010PLAIN) SH010PLAIN

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Our acoustic suspended units SH010 MH with a flat surface prove convincing in terms of their acoustics and appearance with an abundance of almost unbeatable properties. They are suitable for both the sound insulation of conference rooms and for soundproofing in schools or as an acoustic measure in open-plan offices. Due to their simple exterior combined with high sound absorption values ​​and optimum flame resistance, they are considered very popular among acousticians, architects and planners.

Since the sound absorbers are mounted horizontally, they need less space compared to the product SH001H MH. Installation requires two parallel cables. You can simply hook the acoustic sail into the cable system and then flexibly bring it into position.

Due to their open-cell pore structure, the acoustic ceiling panels are very light. We manufacture this product on the latest generation of CNC cutting machines, and can thus guarantee production to the highest technical standard.

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Acoustic unit SH010 MH for wall or ceiling installation - overview

  • effective noise protection due to excellent acoustic properties
  • available in two compatible forms - flat (square) and aero (wing)
  • effective prevention of standing waves across a large frequency range through unique aero form
  • Cable system installation enlarges the effective absorber surfaces, as the rear absorbs the sound reflections of the ceiling
  • pore structure of the material converts acoustic energy into thermal energy
  • ideal professional solution for almost all room acoustics measures
  • available in various material thicknesses and dimensions, as well as two dirt-resistant colours
  • idea for ceiling installation due to easy-to-install cable system
  • flame-resistant according to DIN4102 B1 (with additional flame retardants)
  • no change of physical properties within a large temperature range
  • durable and UV-resistant without chemical additives
  • volume weight 7 +3/-3 kg/m³
  • thermal conductivity: 0,032 - 0,038 W/mK
  • considered to be harmless to health according to "Oeko-Tex standard 100"

Absorbency according to frequency ranges and material thickness

Formatheight absorbency according to DIN EN ISO 354 (echo chamber)
in mm in mm
    125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz
1000 x 480 80 0,14 0,81 0,99 1,00 1,02 1,01
1000 x 480 100 0,19 0,91 1,02 1,02 1,08 1,07

Industrial property rights
This is a protected product.
Industrial property right number (SH010 MHplain) 20 2014 101 264, 40 2013 200 073-0001, 40 2013 200 073-0002, 40 2013 200 073-0003, 40 2013 200 073-0004, 40 2013 200 073-0005, 40 2013 200 073-0006, 40 2014 100 217-0001, 40 2014 100 217-0002, 40 2014 100 217-0003, 40 2014 100 217-0004, 40 2014 100 217-0005, 40 2014 100 217-0016, 40 2014 100 217-0017, 40 2014 100 217-0018, 40 2014 100 217-0019, 002527127-0001,002527127-0002, 002527127-0003,002527127-0004, 002527127-0005,002527127-0016, 002527127-0017,002527127-0018, 002527127-0014,002527127-0015

We produce this product for the improvement of hall acoustics according to DIN 7715 Part 5 P3. You can read further information on item-specific characteristics in our online advisor under the heading Thermoset foam characteristics.

Packing unit
- depends on the material thickness (can be found in the "Format" area of the price calculator at the top-right of this page)

Strict fire safety standard required?
Our wall absorbers SH010 MH comply with fire protection class DIN4102 B1. The acceptance during fire protection tests thus run smoothly.

Smart Installation with Pendant System Duo

The hooks pre-assembled at our factory permit the acoustic elements to be hung up in a pendant system of your choice. We offer you the patented aixFOAM pendant system as accessory.


The suspension height of the acoustic elements is decisive for the reduction of reverberation. Mounted with some distance to the ceiling or wall, the absorption surface also insulates sound waves reflected from the ceiling or wall. If it is possible to flexibly adjust the distance from the ceiling standing waves in different frequencies will be effectively reduced. Thus, the room acoustics will be clearly improved, especially with regard to the frequency range used for human speech.


We recommend combining the Acoustic Ceiling Panels Plain and Aero with Acoustic Ceiling Panels Circle.

The most important application areas include:

Sound insulation of or in:

  • churches, schools and nurseries
  • areas open to the public
  • open-plan offices, conference rooms, call centres
  • commercial premises
  • trade fair halls and exhibition halls
  • nightclubs
  • lecture halls
  • sports halls
  • swimming pools
  • ice rinks
  • hotel lobbies

Soundproofing in:

  • industrial and factory halls
  • workshops

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