Acoustic elements – an acoustic element as architectural room acoustic solution

Acoustic elements – an acoustic element as architectural room acoustic solution


The mainly question, whether an acoustic element could function as architectural room acoustic solutions has come to an end. The answer is found by aixFOAM.

The spatial wellbeing is essentially influenced by the room acoustics – which can be influenced in a positive way by using acoustic element (sound absorbers). Both, too much and too little reverberation feels very uncomfortable to the human ear. At this the reverberation time plays the most decisive role.




The reverberation time describes how long the sound, after turning of its source, needs to die away. Especially solid surfaces (e.g. glass, floor, parquet etc.) reflect the sound waves very well and cause a long reverberation time. Reason for that is the fact that the sound is reflected several times by the smooth, solid surface.

For normal conversations or phone calls a reverberation time of ca. 0.5-1.0s is needed. When the reverberation time is longer than that it is possible that the sound waves overlay which leads to a resounding noise level. In contrast to this a “dead room” might occur when there is hardly any reflection of the sound (extremely short reverberation time) which is also very uncomfortable to the human ear. In most cases long reverberation time is the problem.




In order to shorten too long reverberation times the reflection of the sound waves has to be reduced and in addition to that the sound pressure level has to be lowered.

At this aixFOAM acoustic elements have incredible characteristics. The highly effective sound absorbers do not reflect the sound waves (the “swallow” them) whereby the reverberation times are shortened remarkably. Also the acoustic elements absorb the sound waves and turn the sound energy into heat energy which lowers the sound pressure level noticeably.

Thanks to the CNC-controlled slicing- and milling machine this unique acoustic foam can be formed into almost every imaginably shape. By that, new possibilities come up when it comes to the combination of the practical usage of sound absorbers and the architectural diversity of acoustic foams.

Besides the absorbers as such aixFOAM offers several different ways to adapt the acoustic elements optically and functionally to the surroundings.  For example the sound absorbing panels can be laminated with special acoustic felt. Because of that we can offer a lot of different choices in the area of colours. With the help of this felt the acoustic products can be integrated perfectly into every room.




This diversity enables impressive room acoustic solutions like for example the SH006 design absorber.

We also offer different assembly-options.  aixFOAM has solutions for every taste and for every requirement like for example  absorbers with self-adhesive back, absorbers in an assembly cassette or even acoustic ceiling sails with your own motives (you can also choose one of our given motives)! Material-combinations between anodised aluminium, optical appealing acoustic cloths and highly effective acoustic foam make the small but efficient difference to the many other available conventional acoustic solutions.