Acoustic foam - explanation

Acoustic foam – What is it?

Acoustic foam can repress or quieten the sound and influence the acoustics of a room in a positive way. aixFOAM products are “porous absorbers”. All porous and fibroid materials like foams, textiles, carpets as well as special acoustic plasters are counted among the porous absorbers.

The principle of operation of these sound absorbers insists that the vibrancy of the air particles (=sound) is chocked off by friction because of the structure of the foam. During this process the sound is transferred into heat energy. In the production of aixFOAM acoustic foam it is a matter of extremely complex proceedings of PUR (polyurethane) foams.

All these foams consist of polyurethane with different pore size (micro porous, heterogeneous structure). These different sized pore channels are a fundamental component of the physical process mutation of energy (sound energy into heat energy).

Due to the fact that the pores unavoidably have a different size and form, a homogeneous color image cannot be attained. Color changes can also be generated by light reflections because of different viewing angles. Please take account of the differences between polyether and polyester foams!

aixFOAM® acoustic foams for the professional customer have a special pore structure that has been modified throughout a period of several years and thereby make a small but mighty difference!