Acoustic insulation foam DIN4102 B1

Acoustic insulation foam DIN4102 B1

One of the probably most significant fire safety standards in the construction sector is the acoustic insulation foam DIN4102 B1. The fire performance of different construction and acoustic insulation materials which match the criteria to be “low-flammable” construction materials (DIN4102) is held on in there.

Fire is among the most dangerous natural disruptive forces.  In case of an uncontrolled outburst it is not easily containable. There are different fire protection classes to assure the well-being both of persons and objects as well as buildings.

A few years ago the acoustic insulation/damping of facilities with high fire safety requirements was very difficult due to the lack of materials which provided both a satisfying fire safety standard and also a suitable quality of acoustic results.

But those days are over now!

Acoustic foam MH from aixFOAM for the usage in high fire safety requirements comply with DIN4102, are therefore flame-retardant and also feature exquisite acoustic values.

They are appropriate for the following institutions:


-All buildings which require the fire safety standard DIN4102 B1

-public buildings

-commercial buildings




-retirement homes


Lots of materials to DIN4102 are entirely impregnated with a special liquid whereby the flame retardant features are reached. This impregnation can already wear off due to normal air moisture, that’s why it has to be restored on a regular basis.

aixFOAM acoustic foam MH are not impregnated but based on the used raw material and the foaming procedure, they fulfill the required low flammability to DIN4102 B1. Even when exposed to an open fire the absorber does not ignite but just slightly carbonizes. Due to that feature it is not necessary to impregnate the product which makes it not only economically advanced, but also extremely safe.

aixFOAM provides multiple different sound absorbers that fulfill the criteria of the fire protection classification DIN4102. You are going to be surprised by our individual and especially elegant sound absorbing systems in the form of acoustic sails and printable modules in different shapes and colors as well as a variety of sound absorbers, optional in special assembly cassettes.

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