aixSILENT Acoustic Partition Wall Curve - uni (SH050)

Sku: sh050cur
Schematic diagram

aixSILENT Acoustic Partition Wall Curve - uni (SH050)

Sku: sh050cur
aixFOAM Acoustic Design Room Divider "Curve"
  • Available in 9 colors
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Flexible use e.g. In living areas, foyers, large offices, meeting rooms, meeting corners, open-plan offices
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Our mobile Acoustic Partition Wall "Curve" is ideally suited as a modern soundproofing solution for communal areas, meeting rooms and other areas in which a high-quality room separation with integrated sound insulation is recommended, and where the room acoustics can be considerably improved through its use. The various available colours of the fabric covering enable the perfect integration of this partition wall into every environment and thus allows both creative and functional interior design. With its curved shape, this room divider is a real eye-catcher.

When several people work together in an office, disturbing factors, such as the noise associated with the direct communication and telephone conversations, need to be minimised in order to enable efficient and concentrated work. Acoustic partition walls help to prevent build-up of the noise level and thus prevent the excessive propagation of sound. Even if the absolute peace and quiet of an individual office cannot be achieved in this way, the sound insulation in large areas, such as call centres and open-plan offices, is still greatly improved through the use of a room divider soundproofing wall.

High-quality sound insulation is feasible in areas such as call centres through the use of the partition wall acoustic absorber. The room dividers shield the workstations from each other and thus create a quiet working environment. They ensure , firstly, that the noise from one desk does not disturb other members of staff, and, secondly, that ambient noise is kept away from the workplace. Unwanted, dubious-sounding background noise no longer penetrate through the telephone to the customers and thus no longer negatively affect the willingness to buy.

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Soundproofing Partition Wall "Curve" at a glance:

  • excellent acoustic properties ensure high absorption capacity
  • available in a length of 2,000 mm and heights of 1,400, 1,600 and 2,000 mm
  • transformation of acoustic energy into thermal energy due to the porous structure of the acoustic foam
  • ideal as a professional solution for halls and open-plan offices
  • available in nine colours

The Acoustic Design Room Divider "Curve" is manufactured according to DIN 7715 Part 5 P3.

Packing unit
- depends on the material thickness (see price calculator to the top-right of this page under "Format")

Fire protection class
The fabric covering complies with the fire protection standard DIN4102 B1.

Delivery options
- numerous fabric covering colours

- 2,000 mm x 1,400/1,600/2,000 mm (excluding bases)

The high-quality aixSILENT Partition Walls "Curve" are delivered from the factory with two stable round bases.

Efficient office work requires a high level of concentration. If, however, the noise level is increased too much through discussions among colleagues or with customers, loud office equipment and other sources of noise, not only performance is considerably reduced, but health is also at risk. Especially in open-plan offices, the noise level is also increased by a variety of different noise sources. Furthermore, as offices tend towards long reverberation times because of their often noise-reflecting properties, it is necessary to take appropriate action for noise protection optimisation to successfully improve acoustics. Thanks to their size and extensive absorption spectrum, our soundproofing walls are suitable for acoustic interior design in large rooms, such as meeting rooms, lobbies and event halls, but also for use as partition walls for meeting corners. The fabric covering, which is available in many colours, creates the best possible acoustic conditions in communal areas and offices.

Important areas of use for our acoustic partitions are:

  • Rooms open to the public
  • meeting rooms, call centres
  • open-plan plan offices
  • offices and commercial premises
  • exhibition and trade fair halls
  • lecture halls
The sound-absorbing effect of the aixSILENT Soundproofing Partition Wall is based on the physical principle of the transformation of acoustic energy into thermal energy. The porous structure of our acoustic foam slows the vibrations of the individual air particles to a degree which depends on the respective friction loss. This reduces the perceived noise and thus shortens the reverberation time. This enables the compensation of unfavourable characteristics of "acoustically hard" building materials, which are often used in the construction of office buildings.

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