aixFOAM Acoustic Partition Wall Line - uni (SH050) sh050
aixFOAM Acoustic Partition Wall Line - uni (SH050) sh050
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aixFOAM Acoustic Partition Wall Line - uni (SH050) sh050
aixFOAM Acoustic Room Divider Partition Wall "Line"
  • Available in 9 colours
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Stable base for safe standing
  • Ideal for optimizing acoustics. Meeting rooms, meeting rooms, foyers, meeting rooms

aixFOAM Acoustic Room Divider Partition Wall Line  
Colours: yellow, white, cream white, royal blue, design red, red, silver grey, black
Dimension: approx. 2,000 mm x 1,400/1,600/2,000 mm
Base: stable round base
Application: Communal areas, offices, office & call centres, open-plan offices, meeting rooms

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aixFOAM Acoustic Partition Wall Line - uni (SH050) sh050

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Our aixFOAM Soundproofing Partition Wall is very suitable as a modern soundproofing solution for communal areas, offices, conference rooms and other areas where room dividers are recommended for soundproofing and where the room acoustics can be improved through their use. Thanks to the various fabric coverings, the room partition with integrated soundproofing fits perfectly in any existing ambient while offering the option of creative use.

If several people work together in an office, adequate room acoustics design is required to minimise disturbances caused by direct communication or noise related to telephone calls. Through acoustic partition walls, the build-up of the noise level can be avoided, which could otherwise significantly impede concentrated work. Even though the peace and quiet of an individual office so cannot be achieved through such a room divider, it still enables effective sound insulation in rooms, such as open-plan offices, offices and call centres.

In call centres and other large rooms, soundproofing is significantly improved through these partition walls as the individual workstations are shielded from each other. They provide a quiet working environment and ensure that the sound waves do not disturb other members of staff. At the same time, environmental noise is kept from the desk so that unwanted background noise, which is perceived as dubious and could reduce the willingness to buy, no longer penetrates through to customers.

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aixFOAM Partition Wall Line at a glance:

  • high sound absorbing capacity thanks to excellent acoustic properties
  • available in 2,000 mm x 2,000 mm and heights of 1,400, 1,600 and 2,000 mm
  • stable round bases allow for flexible arrangement
  • transformation of acoustic energy into thermal energy due to the porous structure of the acoustic foam
  • ideal as a professional solution for open-plan offices and halls
  • available in nine colours

The aixFOAM Partition Wall Line is manufactured according to DIN 7715 Part 5 P3.

Packing unit
- depends on material thickness (see price calculator at the top-right of the page under "Format")

Delivery options
- various fabric covering colours

- 2,000 mm x 1,400/1,600/2,000 mm (excluding base)

- two stable round bases

Office work requires considerable levels of concentration However,discussions among employees or with customers, noise- intensive office equipment and other sources of noise can lead to such a strong rise in the noise level that the performance is significantly impaired and health is also put at risk. Due to their often sound-reflecting properties, offices often tend toward considerable reverberation times. In open-plan offices, the noise level is also increased by a variety of different noise sources. It is, therefore, important to take the appropriate action to optimise noise reduction and to improve acoustics in the office through the use of a partition wall, for example. Due to its size and broad absorption spectrum, our room divider soundproofing wall is ideal for effective soundproofing in large spaces, such as lobbies, event halls and conference rooms, and it also allows for functional interior design. The fabric covering, which is available in many colours, ensures equally perfect acoustic conditions in offices and communal rooms.

Important areas of use for the soundproofing partitions are:

soundproofing of or in:
  • Rooms open to the public
  • call centres, meeting rooms
  • offices, open-plan offices
  • commercial premises
  • lecture halls
  • trade fair halls, exhibition halls
The sound-absorbing effect of our acoustic partition walls is based on the physical function of the transformation of acoustic energy into thermal energy. Our acoustic foam has a porous structure, which slows the vibrations of the individual air particles either more or less - depending on the friction loss - and thus reduces the noise level, ensuring shorter reverberation times. In this way, our room dividers contribute to the compensation of the unfavourable characteristics of "acoustically hard" materials which are often used in the construction of offices.

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