Thermoset Sound Absorption Panel for Vertical Suspension (SH001H MH)

Sku: SH001HMH
Thermoset Sound Absorption Panel for Vertical Suspension (SH001H MH)
Thermoset Sound Absorption Panel for Vertical Suspension (SH001H MH)

Thermoset Sound Absorption Panel for Vertical Suspension (SH001H MH)

Sku: SH001HMH
Highly effective sound absorbers made from thermoset acoustic foam
  • Rectangular acoustic plate with homogeneously porous surface
  • Extraordinary heat and / or flame resistance according to DIN4102 B1
  • Chemically resistant
  • Available in white gray and dark gray
  • Suitable for various applications, e.g. For hall insulation, reverberation optimization in large scale bays, noise protection in multi-purpose halls, etc.
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This aixFOAM suspended sound absorber stands out through a considerable number of largely unbeatable properties in terms of acoustics and appearance. It can be used to improve the acoustics in conference rooms and similar facilities with little effort. The sound in large rooms can thus also be insulated in the same way as subsequent sound insulation in various application areas.

Its considerable sound absorption values ​​in conjunction with its sleek look and maximum flame resistance make these acoustic absorbers a popular tool for planners, architects and acousticians.

Thanks to very good fire protection and outstanding acoustic specifications, the aixFOAM acoustic panels, which are installed over a cable system, are ideal for applications in the field of modern architecture. They also provide excellent services in manufacturing and industrial buildings, offices, conference rooms, exhibition halls, nightclubs and many other areas.

Its open-cell pore structure gives this ceiling absorber and extremely low weight. Our CNC cutting machines of the latest generation also enable us to produce at the highest technical level.

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Suspended sound absorber with a flat surface - overview

  • excellent acoustic properties
  • flexible installation through practical cable system solution
  • conversion of acoustic energy into thermal energy within the material's own pore structure
  • perfect professional solution for almost any room acoustic measures
  • available in various sizes, material thicknesses and two dirt-resistant colours
  • ideal for ceiling installation thanks to an easy-to-install cable system
  • UV-resistance and durability without any chemical additives
  • flame resistant according to DIN4102 B1 (no additional flame retardants)
  • thermal conductivity: 0,032 - 0,038 W/mK
  • Volume weight7 +3/-3 kg/m³
  • considered to be harmless to health according to "Oeko-Tex standard 100"

Absorbency according to frequency ranges and material thickness

Formatheightabsorbency according to DIN EN ISO 354 (echo chamber)
in mm in mm
    125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz
1000 x 250/500 50 0,12 0,49 0,90 1,00 1,03 1,00
1000 x 250/500 80 0,16 0,82 1,00 0,99 1,04 1,06
1000 x 250/500 100 0,19 0,91 1,02 1,02 1,08 1,07

Industrial property rights
This is a protected product.
20 2014 101 264, 002527127-0015

We produce our acoustic suspension units according to DIN 7715 Part 5 P3. You can read further information on item-specific characteristics in our online advisor under the heading Thermoset foam characteristics.

Packing unit
- depending on the material thickness (can be found in the price calculator on the top right of this page under the heading "Format") To comply with strict fire protection regulations?

To comply with strict fire protection regulations?
Our acoustic elements with plane surfaces comply with the fire protection class DIN4102 B1. They thus allow for straightforward acceptance in fire tests.

Easy cable system installation

Using a commercially available cable system, you have an easy installation option to suit your needs. You hook the individual acoustic elements in the tensioned cable and can then position them according to your personal wishes and the spatial situation.

The high-quality hangers are already attached to the aixFOAM acoustic elements at the factory.

Material options
Fire class DIN4102 B1

Format options
All our architect line products are available in different material thicknesses and the resulting packing units.

Due to our large range of different options, the ceiling absorbers presented here are generally made ​​to order. This makes it possible for us to offer all our customers an acoustical absorption product that is tailored to their needs.

Due to their broad absorption spectrum, our aixFOAM suspension units SH001H MH are extremely versatile. Room acoustics can be improved through soundproofing with suspended sound absorbers. For the sound insulation of halls, they are just as suitable for soundproofing a school auditorium, workshops, in production sites and in conference centres. Thanks to their flat surface, they ensure optimum acoustic conditions in meeting rooms, event halls, lobbies and other large spaces.

Ideal possibilities for use are possible in application areas with high fire protection requirements.

The most important areas of use include:

sound insulation in or from:
  • kindergartens, schools and churches
  • premises open to the public
  • open-plan offices, conference rooms, call centres
  • commercial premises
  • convention and exhibition Halls
  • lecture halls
  • nightclubs
Soundproofing in:
  • business and industrial halls
  • workshops
  • hotel lobbies
  • ice rinks
  • sports halls and swimming pools

Tips for installation

To install our absorption panels, you can use any commercially available cable system. This enables very easy installation of the acoustic suspension units.

Optionally, the absorbers can be subtly integrated in any room. However, they can also feature as a visually prominent design element through a routined game with an installation image.

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