Acoustic tower aixSILENT Cube - printed (SH071)

Schematic diagram

Acoustic tower aixSILENT Cube - printed (SH071)

aixFOAM Design Acoustic Tower "Cube"
  • Individual, freely selectable motif print
  • Dimension: 48 cm x 48 cm, height: 2 metres
  • Suitable for e.g. Lounges, meeting rooms, offices, offices and call centers
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Our acoustic tower aixSILENT "Cube" is a modern soundproofing solution in offices, communal rooms and other areas where the room acoustics can be improved by means of selectively positioned design elements. Thanks to their striking form, these acoustic towers, which can be positioned flexibly, are true eye-catchers which can also be used as a design feature.

Precisely in recent times, the increased demands on living space, but also in public spaces and in offices have been leading to increasing expectations regarding room acoustics. Not only the haptics should be right, but the sense of hearing should also be completely considered. With respect to the visual aspect, fewer and fewer compromises are being made.

Especially in areas such as living spaces, offices, call centres, cafés, conference rooms, home theatres, and children's rooms and game rooms, an attractive-looking sound absorber is playing an increasingly larger role. These are, therefore, becoming increasingly converted from purely functional components to indispensable design elements. The acoustic fabric cover will be printed with your own design.

With our acoustic towers aixSILENT "Cube", we managed to meet these increased demands of modern room acoustics. They allow you to optimally equip any room both acoustically and technically, while also being creative in design. They give you the opportunity to perfectly arrange your space according to your individual needs and personal circumstances.

The various shades of the fabric covering enable the acoustic absorber to fit perfectly into any existing room design. With this design absorber, you can design conference rooms, as well as cafeterias, restaurants or exhibition rooms. As mobile space-creating acoustic elements, the sound absorbers also enable effective sound insulation in kindergartens and other facilities where creative design, in addition to the acoustic aspect, is important.

The used acoustic foam, man-made materials with relatively low density and a pore cellular structure help with the issue of excessive reverberation in a variety of application areas. Our product range includes products for improving room acoustics, while proving convincing through individuality, elegance and style, as with the design absorbers presented here.

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Acoustic Tower "Cube" at a glance

  • excellent acoustic properties
  • Floor space: 480 mm x 480 mm
  • Height: 2,000 mm
  • stable base made ​​of anodised aluminium
  • Sound energy is converted to thermal energy within the pore structure of the material
  • perfect professional solution for sound insulation in large halls
  • printed with your desired design

The acoustic tower aixSILENT "Cube" is produced according to DIN 7715 Part 5 P3.

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stretch fabric cover printed with your own design

Floor space: 480 mm x 480 mm
Height: 2,000 mm

Fine base made ​​of anodised aluminium

These high-quality acoustic absorbers in tower form can be positioned as free-standing units.

Especially in the planning and the construction of public spaces, offices, but also living space sometimes, "acoustically hard" materials, such as concrete, glass and smooth plastics are often used. These may adversely affect the room acoustics, as their quality depends largely on the reverberation time of the sound within the room. Due to their size and extensive absorption spectrum, the aixFOAM acoustic towers are suitable for effective sound insulation in places such as entrance halls/lobbies or for room acoustic measures in halls and auditoriums. The fabric-covered acoustic absorber ensures the best possible acoustic conditions in event halls, conference rooms, and many other large spaces.

The most important opportunities for use include:

Sound insulation in or from:
  • Areas frequented by visitors
  • churches, nurseries and schools
  • Call centres, conference rooms and open-plan offices
  • convention halls
  • commercial premises
  • exhibition halls
  • lecture halls
Soundproofing in:
  • conference centres
  • hotel lobbies

The absorption of sound is largely based on the physical function of converting acoustic energy into thermal energy. The porous and/or fibrous structure of the sound-absorbing material slows the vibrations of the individual air particles either more weakly or strongly - depending on the respective friction loss. For this reason, porous absorbers such as textiles, mineral wool, carpets, special acoustic plasters and especially our acoustic foams can be used as a balance for "acoustically hard" materials.

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