aixFOAM Assembly/Suspension Cassette with Oscillating Plugs - Preassembled with Absorption panel - Pyramid Profiled Acoustic Foam (SH003) - Material: Polyester with flame protection - Fire cl.: UL94HF1 - Colour: raspberry red
Acoustic-wall cover with end edge Spannprofil
Acoustic-wall cover with end edge Spannprofil

Acoustic-wall cover with end edge Spannprofil
Accessories for tensioning the aixFOAM acoustic cover
  • Execution with end edge
  • Available in black or white
  • Length 2000 mm
In 3 simple steps to your perfect acoustics:

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Acoustic-wall cover with end edge Spannprofil

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For an uneven locating surface the acoustic-wall cover profiles with end edge offer an ideal and quickly installable solution. Due to the surprisingly easy assembly this useful accessory becomes an indispensable feature when it comes to the easy installation of the acoustic cloth in front of the sound absorbers.
For the easy assembly of the acoustic-wall covers with end edge you just have to add a framing and with the help of the profiles the installation becomes childishly simple.
All these features enable a highly effective and optically appealing sound insulation. Due to the wide spectrum of colours and the optical varieties there are no limits when it comes to creative designs. In our days especially hotels, guesthouses, conference venues etc. make use of these high-quality method of sound insulation for acoustic room design.

2000 mm

Packaging Unit  
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- 10 pcs   
- 20 pcs

Fields of application   
This aixFOAM acoustic-wall cover with end edge helps you installing e.g. acoustic cloth in order to cover our sound absorbers.

black, white

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