aixSILENT Desk partition- printed (SH081) SH081
aixSILENT Desk partition- printed (SH081) SH081
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aixSILENT Desk partition- printed (SH081) SH081
Desk partition aixFOAM with individual print
  • Table partition with acoustic panel and individual imprinting
  • Available in different sizes
  • Ideal for sound reduction in large offices, offices, call centers
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aixSILENT Desk partition- printed (SH081) SH081

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With the printed aixSILENT desk partition, we provide you with a modern soundproofing solution for the office. Thanks to this high-quality desk attachment, you not only achieve a significant improvement in room acoustics, but, with its print, you can also use it creatively and integrate it as a real eye-catcher in your workspace.

In group or open-plan offices, adequate room acoustics design is imperative because without them, acoustic disturbances such direct communication or telephone calls cannot be avoided. If the noise level increasingly builds up, it is almost impossible to concentrate, and be undisturbed, while working. With our sound insulating desk attachment, we provide an ideal solution for this problem.

Thanks to the printed surface, the desk soundproofing wall fits perfectly in any existing office design. The desk partition captures the sound waves directly at source, thus weakening them or stopping them completely. In this way, the sound insulation value in the office can be reduced to the 55 dB to 70 dB limit that is permitted by the workplace ordinance, so that occupational health and safety is adhered to in terms of noise.

Even in call centres, soundproofing can be improved by attaching a soundproof wall to the desk, which shields the individual workstations from each other. Thanks to their homogeneous surface, our printed desk partitions ensure a quiet working environment. They ensure that the sound waves do not disturb other members of staff. At the same time, they protect the desk from environmental noise.

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Desk partition aixSILENT printed SH081 at a glance

  • high sound absorption capability through excellent acoustic properties
  • Width: 1000 mm, 1500 mm, 1750 mm, 2000 mm
  • Height 600 mm
  • two stable produced bases
  • available with many print designs
  • transformation from acoustic to thermal energy in the pore structure of the acoustic foam
  • is most suitable for reducing perceived noise in offices and open-plan offices

Die Tischabtrennung aixSILENT SH081 fertigen wir entsprechend der DIN 7715 Teil 5 P3.

- von der Materialstärke abhängig (ersichtlich im Preiskalkulator im oberen rechten Seitenbereich unter der Rubrik "Format")

Delivery options
-different photo subjects

- Width: 1000 mm, 1500 mm, 1750 mm, 2000 mm
- Height: 600 mm

- two high-quality bases

With the bases, you can set this soundproofing for the office directly on the desk.

Office work requires a high degree of concentration from employees. Loud office equipment, talking with customers or among colleagues and other sources of noise can increase the sound pressure level by so much that not only performance is considerably reduced, but health is also at risk.

Because of their often noise-reflecting set-up, offices tend towards long reverberation times. In open-plan offices, the perceived noise is increased by the many different sources of noise. It is, therefore, necessary to improve the acoustics in the office through targeted measures and to increase noise control in the office in this way.

Thanks to its extensive absorption spectrum, our desk partition aixSILENT is optimal for effective soundproofing in the office or for sound insulation in the call centre. The fabric-covered surface creates the ideal acoustic conditions in large offices.

The most important areas of use include:

Soundproofing of or in:
  • open-plan offices
  • call centresr

The sound absorption of our desk partitions is based on the physical principle of acoustic to thermal energy conversion. The porous structure of our acoustic foams slows the vibrations of the individual air particles more or less - depending on the respective friction loss - thereby reducing the noise level and reducing reverberation times. They thus contribute to the compensation of adverse properties of "acoustically hard" materials which are often are used in the design and construction of offices.

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