High quality acoustic cloth
High quality acoustic cloth
Art.nr.: AKSTOFF
High quality acoustic cloth
Art.nr.: AKSTOFF

High quality acoustic cloth

Art.nr.: AKSTOFF
Acoustic Fabric Trevira CS
  • Available in fire protection class DIN 4102 B1
  • Available in colors bordeaux, red, orange, dark blue, sky blue, beige or black
  • Suitable for stringing loudspeakers, for loudspeaker cover frames, visible panels of sound absorbers, acoustic wall bracing
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High quality acoustic cloth

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Trevira CS

Material Width
140 cm

Care Instructions
Trevira Care Instructions

Highly versatile acoustic cloth which emphasises or, in specific frequency ranges, even enhances the effect of our absorbers. The cloth excels with a permanently high flame resistance and flexible application options in the areas of acoustics, living space and decorations. aixFOAM acoustic cloth is flame-resistant in its very fibre. The cloth is not retrofitted with flame retardants. The handicap of retrofitted cloth is that frequent washing wears out the flame retardants. As a result, the cloth looses its flame-resistant properties without the user realising it. Non-toxic textiles meeting "Öko-Tex Standard 100".

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Please note that this aixFOAM product is invariably made to order due to the variety of available options we as a manufacturer are able to offer. Thus all our customers receive their personal aixFOAM - acoustical absorption product, explicitely delivered as requested according to their needs and demands.

This product is manufactured according to DIN 7715 Teil 5 P3.

Acoustic cloth:

Acoustic cloth is often deployed in the area of cinema, home cinema, exhibition stand construction and interior architecture. It is primarily used to professionally and aesthetically laminate sound insulation products. Acoustic cloths guarantee an ideal symbiosis with sound absorbers of your choice due to their permeability. Acoustic cloth can also be deployed in sound studios, recording studios, on stages etc. for sound optimisation. The usage as acoustic wall bracing (e.g. of acoustic foam panels) in offices often even improves the effect of the already installed acoustic absorbers in certain frequencies. Especially popular is also the deployment both in the public and in the private sector. A well placed acoustic wall-bracing guarantees an excellent acoustic insulation and enables the sound(waves) to develop. Acoustic cloth can be deployed where sound absorbers have to be covered. In addition to that there is the possibility to purchase curtains and decoration that match the colour of the acoustic cloth. aixFOAM acoustic cloth always fulfils the fire regulation DIN4102 B1. A widely used design element is the alternation of dark and pale panels. This field of application occurs when the customer wants to achieve an optical effect, besides the acoustic effect of course.


Fire Classification DIN 4102 B1
Fire Classification M1 Non Feu (B+F)
Fire Classification Classe 1 (I)
Fire Classification BS 5867 (GB)

Application areas
Wall panel covering, lining, cover coats, decoration, acoustic insulation curtains, curtains

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