• SH031-1-A-1
  • SH031-1-A-2
  • SH031-1-A-3
  • SH031-1-A-4
  • SH031-1-B-1
  • SH031-1-B-2
  • SH031-1-B-3
  • SH031-1-B-4
  • SH031-1-C-1
  • aixSILENT Acoustic Element - Circle (SH030) with pendant system horizontal - colour: black
  • aixSILENT Acoustic Element (SH030) - with pendant system horizontal - colour: black
  • aixSILENT Acoustic Element (SH030) - with pendant system vertical - colour: black

aixSILENT Acoustic Element - Circle (SH031)

Sku: SH0031KREIS
Acoustic elements with removable fabric cover
  • Color according to version
  • Diameter 1000 mm
  • Ideal decorative element in e.g. Offices, call centers, living rooms, exhibition stand construction

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FormatHeightAbsorption factor according to DIN 52212
in mm
in mm
125 Hz
250 Hz
500 Hz
1000 Hz
2000 Hz
4000 Hz
Diameter: 1000 mm


aixSILENT acoustic elements - circle - efficient and individual acoustic modules

Efficient, individual and highly effective at the same time – a very rare combination in the area of acoustic insulation but aixSILENT acoustic elements/module circle is able to manage this.
Due to a wide offer of design motives, like for example flowers and other nature-motives as well as abstract motives, everyone who wants to individually optimise the acoustic features of a building will find a product that meets his expectations.
High quality acoustic foam forms the product´s base and is essential for its sound-insulating effect. The very good quality and at the same time decorative aluminium frame supports the whole structure. Because of the both-sided clothing of the round frame with stretchy acoustic foam, the sound insulating effect of the sound absorbing core in specific frequencies is even underlined. This feature makes this aixSILENT product something special.
The patented piping-system makes a disassembly of the stretchy-cover, for example for cleaning; in case of relocation; or in case of a change in design, very easy. Therefore the possibilities of your individual design are unlimited.
But you do not necessarily have to choose one of our given motives. Digital printing makes it possible to assemble your personal motive or even your company logo. That means that you can also use our products as a form of advertising and give any room an ambiance appropriate to your corporate identity.
Of course our aixFOAM-sign is not visible on the finished product!
Because of the multifaceted colours and shapes in modern design, in combination with classy aluminium optic, the aixSILENT acoustic absorbers are convincing – both in design as well as in effectiveness.

Of course, we would like to advise you personally and individually!

Fire classes  
Fire classification DIN 4102 B1 (kernel)
Fire classification DIN 4102 B1 (stretch fabric cover)

We want to point out that our aixSILENT series is always individually manufactured die to a large number of options. Because of that, every customer gets his own, unique product which has been manufactured for his personal needs to fulfil his expectations.

Supply options  
-8 different cover colours
- WITHOUT aixSILENT hanging-system
- WITH aixSILENT hanging-system for ceiling assembly
- WITH aixSILENT hanging-system for vertical wall assembly
- digitally printed with your wished motive 

Diameter: 1000 mm   

Application areas  
Office, living room, call centre, meeting rooms etc. The product is course also suitable for recording studios and for the area of HIFI. The tissue is removable and washable; therefore the products can also be assembled in a rather dusty area.

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