aixSILENT Acoustic Element - Rectangle (SH030)
aixSILENT Acoustic Element - Rectangle (SH030) SH030Rechteck
aixSILENT Acoustic Element - Rectangle (SH030) SH030Rechteck
aixSILENT Acoustic Element - Rectangle (SH030)
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aixSILENT Acoustic Element - Rectangle (SH030)

aixSILENT Acoustic Element - Rectangle (SH030) SH030Rechteck
coustic element with removable stretch fabric cover
  • Rectangular, large-sized acoustic sail in trendy colors
  • Format 2000 x 1000 mm
  • To improve the room acoustics in offices, call centers, meeting rooms, congress rooms, living rooms
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aixSILENT Acoustic Element - Rectangle (SH030) SH030Rechteck

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FormatHeightAbsorption factor according to DIN 52212
in mm
in mm
125 Hz
250 Hz
500 Hz
1000 Hz
2000 Hz
4000 Hz
Format: 2000 x 1000 mm


aixSILENT acoustic elements – individuality and effectiveness

aRectangular aixSILENT acoustic elements. The problem solution for individualists. A high degree of individuality can be obtained by the colour shades and the various forms of the elements. The rectangular aixSILENT acoustic element combines modern colour shades with the noble visuality of the aluminium and offers the possibility of suspended erection horizontally from the ceiling, or vertically on a walling (see the fitting options). The core of the aixSILENT framework finished in anodised aluminium consists of a highly effective absorption element, and forms the basis for the sound absorbing effect. The rectangular bearer framework is covered on both faces with aixSILENT acoustic stretch fabric material, which underscores the effect of the sound absorbing core, and even enhances this effect in certain frequency ranges. A patented strip system enables the stretch fabric material to be removed and again replaced at all times without difficulty. This system readily facilitates regular cleaning or even subsequent replacement of the stretch fabric material by another colour shade. aixSilent Products thus combine individuality and a high degree of effectiveness in a form of visuality, which meets the highest demands.

Digital pattern print will lend your acoustic element individuality in the highest form. This enables a digital image, your personal subject matter or a company logo to be displayed on the sound absorber in your room space. Call us. We shall be glad to advise you.

Material options  
Fire classification DIN 4102 B1 (kernel)
Fire classification DIN 4102 B1 (stretch fabric cover)

We would draw your attention to the fact, that our aixSILENT range, which can offer as manufacturers, is accompanied by numerous options and, which can be finished on an order-specific basis.

Supply options  
- 8 different stretch fabric material colour shades
- equipped without the aixSILENT pendant system design
- equipped with the aixSILENT pendant system design, horizontally to the ceiling fitting
- Digitally pattern printed with your required subject matter
- equipped with aixSILENT pendant system design, vertically to the walling fitting   

Rectangle: 2000 x 1000 mm   

Application areas  
Office, living area, call centers, conference rooms, trade fair stand fitting, etc.. The product can also be installed in recording studios, practice room and in HIFI environments. The fabric materials employed for the aixSILENT acoustic elements are removable and washable, which suits them for use in dusty atmospheres.

Colour: white, creamwhite, red, design red, royal blue, black, silver grey, yellow   

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