Assembly/Suspension Cassette

Sku: aixFOAM-Frame
aixFOAM Assembly/Suspension Cassette with Oscillating Plugs - Preassembled with Absorption panel - Pyramid Profiled Acoustic Foam (SH003) - Material: Polyester with flame protection - Fire cl.: UL94HF1 - Colour: raspberry red

Assembly/Suspension Cassette

Sku: aixFOAM-Frame
Makes an acoustic image from each sound absorber
  • Elegant anodised aluminum frame (silver matt)
  • Backside with patented, impact-enhancing hole structure
  • With prefabricated mounting aids for wall and ceiling mounting in portrait and landscape format
  • Perfectly matched to the aixFOAM accessory range

Order the acoustic frame directly in the set with your sound absorbers. Simply click on "Assembly Options" during the ordering process.
In one simple step to your perfect acoustics:

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The enhancement of the acoustic effect
Apart from the purely physical aspect and the statical bearing function, aixFOAM flat-mounted- or pendant assembly cassettes also have the characteristic of being able to absorb lower acoustic frequencies by means of the so-called ‘counter vibration effect’, and therefore to enhance the degree of absorption by the aixFOAM sound absorber of your choice more intensively in the lower frequency range (Resonator).

Note: The additional benefit of the ‘counter vibration effect’ will not function when the basic assembly cassette is overall flush mounted and screw-attached or adhered to the substrate at the subsequent erection location. In order to obtain the additional benefit of this ‘counter vibration effect’, the absorber should be mounted pendant from the ceiling, by means, for example of the aixFOAM pendant system (vertically or horizontally) or screw attach-mounted with aixFOAM oscillating plugs to a substrate. It is important in this respect, that the aixFOAM flat-mounted- or pendant assembly cassettes (Resonators) are able to vibrate in the macro-range. Should, however this ‘counter vibration effect’ to enhance the degree of absorption in the lower frequency range, not be required, then the cassettes can, of course be mounted fully flush to the substrate. The aixFOAM flat-mounted- or pendant assembly cassettes provide the possibility to erect the sound absorber in a variety of ways. In such cases, we would therefore recommend our accessory article, the aixFOAM pendant assembly system or, alternatively the aixFOAM oscillation plugs.

Details Room acoustics  
Assembly/suspension cassettes from aixFOAM offer a very high quality assembly option. The aixFOAM cassettes are made of anodised aluminium and turn every aixFOAM basic product into a Premium Absorber. The aixFOAM assembly and suspension cassette is available preassembled or unassembled from the factory. The assembly/suspension cassette gives you the opportunity to mount your absorber upright, horizontally or suspended from the ceiling and, of course, to take it down at any time.

Details technical acoustics   
The assembly and suspension cassettes can be easily integrated in existing constructions. You have the options of mounting your absorber upright, horizontally or suspended from the ceiling near to machines and sources of noise and, of course, to take it down at any time. The aixFOAM cassettes are produced from anodised aluminium and turn every aixFOAM basic product into a Premium Absorber. The aixFOAM assembly and suspension cassette is available preassembled or unassembled from the factory.

Erections aids
The following accessory products will be required to obtain a ‘professional’ erection of the aixFOAM cassettes:  
- aixFOAM oscillating plugs   
- aixFOAM pendant system

Reference: the additional counter resonance-effect does not work in case of all-over bolting or adherence of the basic element on the application site. In order to achieve this additional counter resonance-effect the absorber has to be assembled in a pending way (e.g. form the ceiling) or bolted with aixFOAM oscillating plugs. At this it is important that the aixFOAM assembly-/ pendant cassette (the resonator) has the possibility to oscillate at macro level. If the counter resonance-effect in order to increase the absorption grade in lower frequencies is not desired you can also assemble the product all-over (bolting or adherence). The aixFOAM assembly-/ pendant cassette gives you the possibility to install the sound absorber in the most diverse way. At this we suggest our accessories aixFOAM pending system or alternatively aixFOAM oscillating plugs.

Supply options  
- Preassembled in the factory with the aixFOAM sound absorber of your own choice   
- Unassembled

Form & Dimension  
Rectangle 1020 x 520 x 20 mm

Areas of application in room acoustics   
- Home cinema   
- HIFI    
- Office   
- Sound studios & vocals booths    
- Exhibition building   
Areas of application in technical acoustics  
- Maschines  
- Machinery rooms  
- Isolated machine areas  
- Machine cabins  
- Workshops  

anodised aluminium

matt silver

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