Basotect - acoustic insulation at the highest standard

Basotect - acoustic insulation at the highest standard

Basotect is melanin resin foam for acoustic insulation that isolates itself from other foams because of its incomparable features. Melanin counts among the chemical group of the thermosetting plastics and is especially characterized by the consequent long-term heat resistance.

Besides that melanin resin foam has very wispy, easily deformable connections which generate a porous and strongly interlinked solid network structure. This solid network structure results into a good thermal insulation as well as an excellent acoustic insulation/ sound absorption.

The fundamental differences “normal” sound absorbers are achieved by the lightness of the material due to its filigreed network structure and the high resistance to heat of Basotect sound absorbers. Another feature of the product is the high chemical consistency in comparison to an organic dissolvent.

Basotect fulfills the fire safety regulation DIN 4102 B1 as well as the most important international safety regulations. Because of the high percentage of nitrogen, the melanin resin is highly flame- and heat resistant. Even when directly exposed to fire the thermosetting properties assure that no burning drips occur and that the foam neither melts nor afterglows.  Only a slight charring under slight smoke development might eventuate.

Because of these features Basotect sound absorbers are greatly qualified for usage under high fire safety standard, as for instance in schools or kindergartens.

At the same time the physical features of the Basotect acoustic absorbers do not vary even under the influence both of very high and low temperatures (-200C° to +240C°). Consequently the acoustic isolation of thermally very sophisticated constructions does not pose a problem.

Additionally the impregnation with a flame-retardent, which is usually poisonous by the way, of Basotect is not necessary due to the natural flame resistance of melanin resin.   The harmlessness to health of the product is certified by the “Oeko-Tex Standart 100” and at the same time it guarantees a high eco-friendliness.

The mechanical processing of Basotect is very similar to the processing of conventional acoustic absorbers with the result that Basotect sound absorbers are available in different material thicknesses and profiles and also as a form, cut and stamped parts. Because of precisely fitting layout and the high flexibility of the foam, the acoustic elements can be brought in almost any form and have a high application range (e.g. soundproofing of machines).

Due to its high resistance to UV-light melanin is yellowing-resistance even without the usage of yellowing-protection.

For the object range, exhibition stand construction, schools, kindergartens and several technical applications where it comes down to high flame- and UV resistance, we produce a large product lineup of high quality sound absorbers made from Basotect.
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