Convoluted foam or Pyramid foam

Convoluted foam or pyramid foam

There exists various differences between convoluted and pyramid foam.
As acoustics is a very versatile topic, there are different materials and possibilities of deployment in order to improve the acoustic characteristics of a room or to insulate the room against noise. The most commonly used material is acoustic foam. It distinguishes itself due to its high effectiveness and its easy processing. The acoustic features of the foam can be influenced by the profile of the surface. Because of that we manufacture for example pyramid foam or convoluted foam out of the same raw material. The two products differ from each other very much – both optical and technical.

Highly effective convoluted foam (SH002)                                 The classic: pyramid foam (SH003)



Convoluted foam (SH002):

Classic convoluted foam is versatile and has proven itself de facto lots of times. It is especially effective in medium- and high frequencies. In these frequencies it absorbs the sound very reliable – even at low material strengths. It is often used as economical acoustic insulation of single walls and as an entry-level product. When it is well positioned you can create a very “dry” and dead acoustic atmosphere with the help of convoluted foam. The product is produced in continuous sheeting and therefore very economical. However this way of production has a downside. The convoluted foam panels should not be attached concisely to the wall because that would create an erratic overall result. You can professionally avoid this problem and at the same time turn an absorber into a premium product by using aixFOAM assembly-/suspension cassette.

Pyramid foam  (SH003)

Pyramid foam is rather suitable for the professional acoustic optimisation of room acoustics. Both, the shortening of the reverberation time and the consequent sound insulation are no problem for this premium product.  Its features underline direct sound perfectly and to consequently eliminate reverberation time makes aixFOAM SH003 an acoustic solution for our sophisticated customers in many fields of application (e.g. (home) cinema, sound studio, HIFI room etc.).  As already mentioned aixFOAM SH003 minimizes the reverberation time which has a positive influence on the room acoustic. The reverberation time describes the dying away of the sound after its source is turned off. It is essential for the quality of chant or the sound of instruments.

The very appealing optics of the product is worth mentioning at this point. Being produced with highly-modern CNC machine this product is the highest quality and fulfils every requirement. A concise of several elements is not a problem at all. Of course SH003 is listed among highest quality absorbers. The utilisation of an assembly-frame and oscillating plugs guarantees a “jump” to the reference class.