Corner Bass Trap - SH012
Corner Bass Trap - SH012 SH012
Corner Bass Trap - SH012 SH012

Corner Bass Trap - SH012 SH012
Bass absorbers in two different sizes
  • Body shape: prism, chamfered wall edges
  • In anthracite, raspberry red, orange, light gray
  • Highly effective as bass attenuation in the HIFI room, home cinema, recording studio, music room
In 4 simple steps to your perfect acoustics:

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Corner Bass Trap - SH012 SH012

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Bass absorbers: product details

Product details about bass absorbers: Low frequency absorbers (bass absorbers) consist of open-pored, polyester-based acoustic foam with flame-retardant.

Leg 460mm: lower critical frequency of 28Hz
Leg 250mm: lower critical frequency of 50Hz 

Bass Traps achieve an outstanding absorption effectiveness in the range of low frequencies. This is based on the fact that in the corners of rectangular rooms, acoustic pressure is maximised while particle velocity is minimised. These low-tone absorbers are best positioned behind loudspeakers in the corners of a room. Depending on need and ceiling height, 2 absorbers can be stacked on top of one another. By the utilisation of this Bass Absorber, a considerably more precise and dry bass response can be achieved. For interesting layout examples please see our online consultant..

Please note that this aixFOAM product is invariably made to order due to the variety of available options we as a manufacturer are able to offer.
Thus all our customers receive their personal aixFOAM - acoustical absorption product, explicitely delivered as requested according to their needs and demands.

This product is manufactured according to DIN 7715 Teil 5 P3.

Packaging Unit  
subject to material thickness (please see category "Format" of the calculation window under the heading Prices)

Acouctical Measurement Method   
The RWTH Aachen did research on the absorption capabilities of our bass absorbers. The following data illustrates the more than satisfying results. You will find further information on the measurements in our online-adviser.   

Results for a large Corner Bass Trap, positioned in the corner of a room:  Four absorbers were measured, each positioned in one of the four corners of the room. 










Further background information on Bass Traps:  

For the production of aixFOAM Bass Traps we intensely address highly complex foaming-processes of PUR (polyurethane)-acoustic foams. These foams all consist of polyurethane with defined pore-size – whereas they feature a fine-pored, heterogeneous structure. These different pore-canals are the most important element of the physical process that is to say turning sound energy into heat energy – the foundation of the acoustic process we (and of course our Bass Traps) profit from.

But: in order to attain a preferably high acoustic effect, the usage of the right materials is essential. For that reason all our sound insulation-products are exclusively manufactured out of special, high-quality acoustic foam and are offered – according to the application area – in different material strengths. Principally one rule is true for all absorption-elements: the higher the material strength, the higher the sphere of action.

The acoustic measurements of the institute for technical acoustic (RWTH Aachen) illustrate the enormous absorption grade in lower frequencies. You will be surprised by the special mode of operation of our corner-absorbers.

fire classification UL 94 HF1
fire classification FAR 25.853 (light grey) incl. test certificate by Lufthansa Technik Laboratorien (please see online consultant) 
fire classification DIN4102 B1 (on request)    

side lengths : 460 x 460 mm (2 pcs/box) or 250 x 250 mm (4 pcs/box)
Height : 1,000 mm

Application areas  
High end, HIFI rooms, recording studios, home cinema

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