Design Absorption Panel - SH006 - Puzzle - Felt Lamination
Design Absorption Panel - SH006 - Puzzle - Felt Lamination SH006Puzzle
Design Absorption Panel - SH006 - Puzzle - Felt Lamination SH006Puzzle

Design Absorption Panel - SH006 - Puzzle - Felt Lamination SH006Puzzle
Sound absorber in an extraordinary puzzle look in different colors
  • Contoured cut puzzle pieces with textile surface made of acoustic felt
  • Puzzle size 56 x 50,5 cm
  • Available in 15 modern colors
  • Suitable for a variety of applications, such as sound insulation in the office, call center, in living rooms, children's rooms
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Design Absorption Panel - SH006 - Puzzle - Felt Lamination SH006Puzzle

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FormatHeightAbsorption factor according to DIN 52212
in mm in mm
    125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz
1000 x 500 30 0,10 0,50 0,78 0,63 0,49 0,53
1000 x 500 50 0,17 0,73 0,71 0,59




All absorption factor measurements were carried out on polyester acoustic foams by the Institute of Technical Acoustics (ITA), Aachen University. Incidental absorption factor results greater than 1 may occur with the practical measurement methods used by the ITA. They originate from the fact that the operative surface of absorbers slightly exceed the geometrical surface.


This sound absorber significantly stands out from standard not only by its variety of available colours but also due to its remarkable shape. Apart from its appealing appearance, SH006 Design convinces with high absorbance properties in the mid-frequency range. This aixFOAM acoustical foam is surface-coated with top-quality acoustic felt in different colours. As a result, effective sound absorption is united with an appealing visual appearance.

Please note that this aixFOAM product is invariably made to order due to the variety of available options we as a manufacturer are able to offer. Thus all our customers receive their personal aixFOAM - acoustical absorption product, explicitely delivered as requested according to their needs and demands.

This product is manufactured according to DIN 7715 Teil 5 P3.

Packaging Unit  
subject to material thickness (please see category "Format" of the calculation window under the heading Prices).

Background information: sound absorbers in puzzle design with acoustic-felt lamination:  
Further background information about sound absorbers in puzzle design with acoustic-felt lamination - For our sound absorbers in puzzle design with acoustic-felt lamination, we only use acoustic foams with clearly designed pore size. They feature a fine-pored and heterogeneous structure and achieve highest results when it comes to the process of turning sound energy into heat energy – the basic physical concept. Our design-absorbers benefit from this physical principle – and since we have had decades of experience, constantly improving our foaming process of PUR (polyurethane)-acoustic foams, you can be sure we only supply you with the highest quality and highly effective acoustic products in the area of offices, call centres, living spaces and studios. This fact is confirmed by the measurements, implemented by the institute of technical acoustics of the RWTH Aachen. Our design sound absorber can, due to a notable shortening of the reverberation time, lead to an enormous improvement of the room acoustics – an optimisation measure that everyone who knows the usual background noise of an open space office appreciates. Our SH006 has a high absorption rate in the medium frequencies and the acoustic foam is laminated with a special acoustic-felt. Combining these two high class acoustic products (foam & felt) we achieve outstanding results and a rather unusual but premium aixFOAM-acoustic product. But not only can the acoustic features of this product improve the characteristics of a room. The unusual and amusing design brightens up every room – even the most depressing and empty office room – but also loosens up the atmosphere of any living room. Because of the possibility to combine elements with different colours our sound absorber in puzzle design with acoustic-felt lamination sets itself apart from the same old conventional sound insulation products. Since it is necessary to cover a rather large surface area of a wall/ceiling to achieve a good result we recommend to combine elements of different colours. The variety of colours enables lots and lots of different scopes for design and you can be sure: for each taste there is an appropriate sound insulation!


Eye-catcher or discreet design element?   
Our extraordinary puzzle absorption panels can be easily integrated in modern room designs.

Please, check out our 14 different colours for the textile surface - From trendy and elegant to modern classic:

  • royal blue
  • may green
  • marbled amber
  • design red
  • marbled fuchsia red
  • marbled sandstone
  • marbled ivory
  • mocha brown
  • terra brown
  • marbled maroon
  • black
  • marbled graphite grey
  • ash grey
  • marbled light grey
The colour of the absorption foam core is anthracite.

Assembly options   
aixFOAM self-adhesive equipment    
The back of the absorber is coated by machine in the factory with a solvent-free adhesive system and covered with lining paper. This lining paper must be removed by the customer before bonding.   

Material Options   
Fire classification FMVSS302 DIN 75200 Fire classification DIN 4102 B2 (exclusively with aixFOAM self-adhesive equipment) (refer to online advisor)
The shown fire classification refer exclusively to the acoustic foam chosen. With a few exceptions, the acoustic foam offered with fire classification DIN 4102 B1 or B2 is also certified including the self-adhesive equipment.
Format Options   
All aixFOAM products are available in different material thicknesses and the corresponding packing units.

1 set puzzle consists of:   
2 pieces ca. 560 x 505 mm

Appication Areas   
Our Puzzle Sound Absorption Panels can be used for a wide range of application areas, like e.g. offices, living or children's rooms, schools and nurseries, restaurants and cafes

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