Design-sound absorbers: Useful and decorative style icons


Design-sound absorbers: Useful and decorative style icons

Style icons in form of design-sound absorbers could be useful and decorative at the same time.
Effectiveness and outstanding sound absorption characteristics, this is what our design-sound absorbers are characterized by. The useful and stylish absorbers are listed among the high end products of acoustic protection. There is one fact that has come to light in the last years: in order to influence the acoustics of a room remarkably and sustainably a certain percentage of the surface of the room, studio or workplace hast to be covered with acoustic products.

The size of this percentage depends on several different factors. Among others the shape of the room and the given acoustic are counted among these factors. Of course our experts would like to advise you. Also area wide design solutions can be realised without a lot of effort if a complete sound insulation was necessary. We can offer you a number of individual and innovative solutions to enhance the appearance of acoustic products in a very attractive way. Our portfolio covers a wide range of products: from colourful convoluted foam in a pendant cassette to child-oriented shapes in cloud- and animal design. Also when it comes to design-sound absorbers with a smooth surface we can offer you several different options. Both foams and felt-panelling are available in different colours. The special acoustic felt allows the sound to pass through which enables it to reach the porous structure of the acoustic foam – which has a very positive effect on the sound experience. Indeed the felt panelling is often chosen very often by our customers not only because of its appealing outward experience but also because of other useful features like for example UV resistance. There are hardly any limits when it comes to surface panelling of our high-quality sound absorbers by professionally laying acoustic- felts or cloths on the product. We perfectly adapt ourselves to your individual requirements - we can even realise water repellent solutions.
All our products can be produced with self-adhesive equipment what makes an exact and permanent installation very easy - even for laymen. The back of the foam is coated with solvent free glue and then covered with an easy to remove release paper. Another well-shaped and easy to install solution that we offer are sound absorbers, edged in aluminium frames. These are attached to the wall (or hung from the ceiling) with special oscillating plugs.

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