Fixture of acoustic foam

Fixture of acoustic foam








The fixture of acoustic foam is quite often a problem and as there are different reasons why lots of our customers want to influence the reverberation time in a positive way, we recommend the following: The background of a planned change in the room acoustics might be the wish to turn the clangourous living room into a comfortable home, the realization of the home cinema or even the establishment of a professional music studio. At this, acoustic foam is a popular device to achieve fast and effective changes.

Our acoustic foam features a very good de-reverberating effect and is listed among high-end sound absorbers. You can find our highly-effective almost everywhere: in living rooms, in sound studios, in home cinemas, in offices etc.

We will now show some assembly options to illustrate how to integrate our acoustic products perfectly into your room design-no matter if private or commercial. Self-evident this is true for all our absorbers. Learn how to fix and install acoustic foam in a professional way – and in an efficient way of course – and experience our professional aixFOAM mounting accessories. Hereby you can turn a SH003 panel (polyester with flame retardant, material strength: 100mm) into an optically appealing broadband-absorber that transfers every room into an acoustic-oasis.

An adherence with off-the shelf glue is said to be the easiest method. At this, the glue should be tested on a small sample in order to examine the principle of operation and the application. Only when the adherence on this sample was successful you should use the glue on the remaining surface area of the product. There are lots and lots of products from different producers that are suitable for the adherence of porous products (acoustic foam). Usually these glues are very similar because they are primarily listed among contact adhesives. The subsurface has to be dry and absolutely free of dust and fat or oil. In order to achieve better results you should consider a supporting holding primer.

The adherence is probably the least expensive way to attach acoustic foam panels but there are also some disadvantages that come along with this method that we would like to show you:


-          A strong odour development occurs

-          A long term perspiration influences the wellbeing in a negative way

-          The reaction to fire can be influenced in a negative way

-          The attachment itself is very time-consuming and labour-intensive

In our aixFOAM online-shop we offer a very comfortable and emission-free solution for the adherence of the acoustic foam panels: our modified aixFOAM self-adhesive equipment that can be ordered for almost every product in our shop.

In our menu item “fitting options” in the configuration sector of each product we offer the “self-adhesive equipment” ex-factory. In so doing an acryl-adherence system is protracted mechanically and covered with release paper. This release paper guarantees an easy and professional installation of the acoustic product.

The installation itself is incredibly easy! The subsurface has to be dry and free of dust, fat and oil. When necessary clean the subsurface beforehand and if required add a supporting holder primer. After that the desired position of the panel has to be sketched on the wall/ceiling. Finally the release paper has to be pulled of and the panel has to be pressed on the already existing sketch. After these short steps, you are done with the installation of your wished absorber!

When installing the acoustic panels with the help of the aixFOAM self-adhesive equipment it is important to keep a steady and consistent pressure on the product – as it is described in the assembly instructions. When you follow these instructions correctly you will achieve a strong and odourless adherence within a short amount of time.

Each element has an individually embossed surface. You have the possibility to arrange the absorbers on the wall with or without a “shadow gap”. Shadow gap means that the acoustic elements are arranged on the wall with a gap between the panels (20-50 millimetres). As a result of this a nice optical effect is achieved and the so called “edge effect” can be given complete expression.  Please take notice of the application examples under the menu items “applications” and “impressions of aixFOAM” products.

Furthermore we offer several different colours in order to upgrade the design of our products. You can order our absorbers for example in light grey, orange, raspberry red and anthracite. We chose our colours in a way that they consort with each other. By way of example an absorption area in anthracite can be optically “relaxed” by adding a few orange elements. The variation of colours can turn every wall into an eye catcher. Also with the help of a shadow gap the most diverse designs can be created.

One example of application could be: paint your wall in dark claret or in another matched and discrete shade. After that you can for example install our light grey absorbers – the effect will be stunning! There is no limit to your creativity.

Also you should consider our aixFOAM assembly/suspension cassette. This frame turns every absorber into a three dimensional acoustic image. It is made of anodised aluminium and since it looks very classy the assembly/suspension cassette satisfies the highest requirement when it comes to effectiveness and design. With the aid of oscillating plugs and hooks it can be attached to the wall and therefore it can be easily hung up and unhanged – like a picture. Therefore the absorber is very versatile.

If you want to use a room as a sound studio but you do not know for how long yet, a permanent adherence of the absorbing elements does not make sense. But the abandonment of acoustic products (and of the perfect sound)is out of question. In cases like this the aixFOAM assembly/suspension cassettes are the ideal solution for you.

You have the possibility to order the cassette ex-factory and completely ready for use with the absorption panel of your choice. You can configure the products (absorption panels) under the menu item “fitting options” the option “assembly/suspension cassette is available. As an alternative to that you can of course also order the aixFOAM assembly/suspension cassette as in the accessory area as an individual product. In this case you have to fit the foam panel of your choice into the cassette manually on site. To simplify the assembly we always suggest ordering the panels with self-adhesive equipment.  This enables a quick and easy installation of the panels into the cassettes.

Our aixFOAM assembly/suspension cassettes do not only look very classy – they are also very effective! With the right accessories you can even improve their performance. A professional fixture to the wall with the help of aixFOAM oscillating plugs increases the absorbance in lower frequencies remarkably.

At this the assembly of the assembly/suspension cassettes takes place on all four edges elastically on the wall or ceiling.  As opposed to the direct attachment to the wall, in this case the acoustic element is mounted in an oscillating way with the help of oscillating plugs with a defined distance to the wall. In so doing a resonance body occurs behind the cassette. The arising sound vibrations are now acoustically rebutted or even neutralised on both sides due to the counter-resonance effect. The performance of the absorbers is especially increased in lower frequencies. The medium and high frequencies are absorbed by the porous acoustic foam core. The oscillating plugs additionally decouple the acoustic elements from the wall and prevent the emerge of an acoustic bridge. Self-evident the oscillating plugs can also be used for the overhead installation.

Especially in rooms with high ceilings we recommend the horizontal montage of the assembly-/pendant frame with our aixFOAM pendant system. By lowering the absorber in the direction of the sound source – after all 1 metre – the sound can be absorbed even more effective (before it can spread). Thanks to this system the number of necessary absorption bodies can be reduced remarkably.  Useful fields of application are for instance over every workplace in the office or over the drum kit in the rehearsal room.

Another advantage of the pendant system is the fact that annoying stands or constructions are dropped which only serve as tripping hazards.

In the area “accessories” you can find two varieties of our pendant system. Our pendant system “Basic” is an economical solution whereas the demanding customer with architectonic demand would rather choose the pendant system “Style”.

We hope that we gave you the understanding of the fields of application and assembly options of our products and we would like to help you finding the acoustic product that is suitable for your personal demand. Of course you can contact us so we can give you advice.