Heavy Foam Absorption Panels - SH0071
Heavy Foam Absorption Panels - SH0071
Art.nr.: SH0071
Heavy Foam Absorption Panels - SH0071
Art.nr.: SH0071

Heavy Foam Absorption Panels - SH0071

Art.nr.: SH0071
Heavy Foam Absorption Panel
  • Rectangular plate (100 cm x 50 cm) with flat surface
  • Multicolored gray foam
  • For various fields of application, e.g. Machine housing, insulation of motors, engine rooms, machine insulation
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Heavy Foam Absorption Panels - SH0071
Art.nr. SH0071

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FormatHeightAbsorption factor according to DIN 52212
in mm in mm
    125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz
1000 x 500 20 0,09 0,38 0,71 1,03 1,05 0,81
1000 x 500 30 0,16 0,55 0,86 1,11 1,00 0,75
1000 x 500 40 0,19 0,79 1,14 1,11 0,91 0,85
1000 x 500 50 0,36 0,98 1,15 1,01 1,03 0,87


This composite foam is purpose-built for the absorption of mostly low frequencies. Moreover, due to its heavy mass, insulation properties with regard to structure-bourne sound are good.

Please note that this aixFOAM product is invariably made to order due to the variety of available options we as a manufacturer are able to offer. Thus all our customers receive their personal aixFOAM - acoustical absorption product, explicitely delivered as requested according to their needs and demands.

This product is manufactured according to DIN 7715 Teil 5 P3.

Packaging Unit  
subject to material thickness (please see category "Format" of the calculation window under the heading Prices).

Background information about absorption panels

We have specialised on products that offer the customer protection from noise (e.g. absorption panels) and here are some background information about absorption panels: aixFOAM offers on one hand acoustic absorbers in the area of room acoustics (e.g. for offices, call centres, rehearsal rooms, living rooms etc.) and on the other hand sound absorbers in the area of technical acoustics (e.g. machines, workshops, server rooms etc.). Among other interesting absorbers you can find heavy foam acoustic panels in our large product line-up that were especially developed for very challenging acoustic solutions. The aixFOAM heavy foam panels feature a high density and are therefore especially suitable for the absorption of low frequencies. There are different ways to install the acoustic insulation panels. The acoustic foam panels with self-adhesive back are very user-friendly for the customer. The back of the product is covered in glue (solvent-free) and then coated with release paper which is later just removed for the adherence. Because of that the installation of the panels is fairly easy and not problematic-even for a layman. Besides the option of a self-adhesive back we also offer montage-/hanging cassettes. These are pre-assembled and are easy to install due to the so-called oscillating plugs. The aixFOAM heavy foam absorption panels are usually deployed in areas where conventional acoustic products fail or are not suitable. They are optimal for machine encapsulations, housing for engines, for the insulation of machine rooms and for the insulation of engine bays. The aixFOAM acoustic foam panels are also convenient for insulating doors.

Assembly options   
aixFOAM self-adhesive equipment    
The back of the absorber is coated by machine in the factory with a solvent-free adhesive system and covered with lining paper. This lining paper must be removed by the customer before bonding.    
aixFOAM assembly/suspension cassette    
With this product, you are purchasing a very high quality assembly option. The aixFOAM cassettes are produced from anodised aluminium and turn every aixFOAM basic product into a Premium Absorber. This option gives you the opportunity to mount your absorber upright, horizontally or suspended from the ceiling and, of course, to take it down at any time. The aixFOAM assembly and suspension cassette is assembled with the aixFOAM Absorber of your own choice. Alternatively, you will find the assembly/suspension cassette unassembled as an individual product in various packing units in the "accessories" category.
The enhancement of the acoustic effect!   
Apart from the purely physical aspect and the statical bearing function, aixFOAM flat-mounted- or pendant assembly cassettes also have the characteristic of being able to absorb lower acoustic frequencies by means of the so-called ‘counter vibration effect’, and therefore to enhance the degree of absorption by the aixFOAM sound absorber of your choice more intensively in the lower frequency range (Resonator). Important information on this feature can be obtained from the Article: "Flat-mounted- or pendant assembly cassettes" in the Section "Accessories".

aixFOAM heavy acoustic film lamination   
These are heavy, very flexible films without lining material that are minerally filled. The heavy acoustic film has an above-average surface weight, whereby deep frequencies and material vibrations are absorbed. The composition of the heavy acoustic film provides it with excellent absorption properties, including in low temperatures. In addition, the material is designed to be flame-retardant and is laminated under your aixFOAM basic product as a base material with this option. Alternatively, the aixFOAM heavy acoustic film SH0131 is also available as an individual product (refer to overview of products).

Processing instructions Acoustic Heavy Foil
aixFOAM Acoustic Heavy Foil is equipped with a specially developed acrylic based adhesive system. The adhesive system must be used only on flat surfaces at macro level, e.g. sheet metal and aluminium. On rough surfaces the adhesive system can be used as mounting asssistance only. Further information is available in our technical datasheets and processing instructions, which could be send free of charge upon request.

Material Options   
Fire classification FMVSS302 DIN 75200 (refer to online advisor)    The shown fire classification refer exclusively to the acoustic foam chosen. With a few exceptions, the acoustic foam offered with fire classification DIN 4102 B1 or B2 is also certified including the self-adhesive equipment.
Please refer to the detailed listing of the corresponding fire classification in the corresponding technical product data sheet.

Format Options   
All aixFOAM products are available in different material thicknesses and the corresponding packing units.

Application areas   
engine housings, engine bays, engine rooms, motor compartments, sound absorbing doors

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