Impact-sound insulation (SH009)
Impact-sound insulation (SH009) SH009
Impact-sound insulation (SH009) SH009

Impact-sound insulation (SH009) SH009
Impact sound insulation of aixFOAM
  • Rollware with white, smooth surface
  • Roll width: 100 cm
  • Easy to process
  • Applicable as impact sound insulation, impact sound absorption, impact sound insulation, decoupling body sound
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Impact-sound insulation (SH009) SH009

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- excellent impact-sound insulation,  
- lightweight, hardwearing and flexible,   
- the product is made from 100 % polyethylene and recyclable,   
- suitable for underfloor heating,   
- easy to use and lay,   
- equalizes unevennesses,   
- impact-sound improvement of up to 18 dB,   
- permeability to water vapur: 8 m,   
- thermal resistance: 0.057 m² K/W   
- compressive strength with a compression set of 50 %: 0.10 N/mm².    

Sound-absorption measurement:

Your second-most important decision when selecting your new floor - especially in the case of parquet and laminate floor finishes - is to choose the type of supporting floor that you would like to use. The supporting floor is the most important factor for establishing your comfort at home, although it is often underestimated., aixFOAM SH009 reduces the noises - which are usual with this type of solid floor - for you and for your neighbours. You simultaneously create a barrier against the humidity which is always present and threatens your valuable wooden and laminated floor finish. You form an even substrate for your floor and you therefore prevent any subsequent costs which can be caused by an undulating surface or cracks. aixFOAM SH009 makes the decisive difference, since it is worth spending time and money on your supporting floor if you would like to preserve your expensive laminate or parquet floor covering. Most of all, it enables you to enjoy the beauty of your new floor in the comfortable style which you desire for your dream home. 

Background information on impact noise-insulation:

Here some background information on impact noise insulation: If we think about sound, we usually mean airborne sound (impact noise). This is because we normally observe sound in the air. But especially in the field of acoustics we have to be aware of the body-borne sound.

Body-borne sound? What is that?

It is sound that spreads within solid bodies like for example ceilings, floors, walls and other objects. The body-borne sound can be transferred, depending on the material, with relatively low loss and over big distances. Here we differentiate between two different causes: on the one hand airborne sound that occurs on ceilings, walls and floors and stimulates the molecules to vibrate; on the other hand a so called “direct body-borne sound stimulation” that occurs due to a direct contact – like for example knocking on a solid material (e.g. wood). Impact-noise on the contrary is sound which occurs (and is transferred) due to stepping on the floor. These three forms of sound have one thing in common: there are methods to insulate sound and therefor a successful way to prevent it from spreading. Particularly heavy foam has emerged itself as very advantageous. The elastic embed floor prevents the sound from spreading and acts contrary to noise generation. They are designed for “normal” strains. For strongly vibrating floors (like for example in gyms or aerobic-rooms) we would rather recommend SH007. Because of the special structure of heavy foams the foam works as a resonating body that cushions the swinging molecules transfers them these “filtered” molecules.


Delivery format Version 1:    
Material´s thickness: 2 mm
Material´s length: 100 lfm gerollt
Material´s width: 1000 mm
Delivery format Version 2:    
Material´s thickness: 3 mm
Material´s length: 70 lfm gerollt
Material´s width: 1000 mm

Fields of application:   
impact-sound insulation and impact-sound absorption