Convoluted Foam Thermoset Sound Absorption Panel (SH002 MH)
Convoluted Foam Thermoset Sound Absorption Panel (SH002 MH) SH002 MH
Convoluted Foam Thermoset Sound Absorption Panel (SH002 MH) SH002 MH

Convoluted Foam Thermoset Sound Absorption Panel (SH002 MH) SH002 MH
Highly efficient sound absorbers made from duromere acoustic foam
  • Rectangular absorber elements with homogeneously porous surface and high sound absorption
  • Exceptional heat and flame resistance according to fire protection class DIN4102 B1
  • Format 100 x 50 cm in various material thicknesses
  • Available in color dark gray
  • Flexible to optimize room acoustics, e.g. Soundproofing of offices, living rooms, sound studios, recording studios, cinemas or soundproofing of discotheques and clubs.

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Convoluted Foam Thermoset Sound Absorption Panel (SH002 MH) SH002 MH

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One typical feature of this classic sound absorber is its unmistakable egg-crate pattern. Its large number of unbeatable characteristics, in terms of both acoustics and design, as well as its elegant exterior and its extremely high flame retardance, makes it very popular with planners, creative workers and acoustic engineers. This item is used particularly for optimizing room acoustics in professional and semi-professional applications for public and commercial areas.

Because of their very good fire protection characteristics and their outstanding acoustic qualities, our aixFOAM acoustic panels are perfect for applications in modern architecture. However, they are also designed for use in recording studios, discotheques, office spaces, trade-fair booths, etc.

The acoustic elements can be attached to walls as well as ceilings. Our latest-generation CNC cutting plants guarantee that our acoustical products are manufactured at the highest technical level. These premium absorbers are manufactured very economically on a continuous compression cutting line.

Thanks to their open-cell pore structure, the acoustic absorbers are very lightweight. They also have outstanding heat insulation characteristics and ideal sound insulation characteristics.

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Overview: acoustic panels with egg-crate patterns

  • available in 3 material thicknesses and 4 standard sizes
  • outstanding acoustic specifications
  • sound is converted to heat due to the material’s pore structure
  • the ideal professional solution for almost all room acoustical treatments
  • easy to assemble thanks to optional self-adhesive feature
  • color: subtle, dirt-resistant dark grey
  • special sizes available upon request
  • perfect for wall absorbers as well as ceiling absorbers
  • highly flame-resistant as per DIN4102 B1 (no flame retardants added)
  • extremely high heat insulation properties; better than most products on the market in this regard
  • aging and UV-resistant without further chemical additives
  • same physical properties within a large temperature range
  • considered safe for use as per the “Öko-Tex Standard 100”
  • no mineral fibers
  • CFC-free

Absorption level based on frequency ranges and material thickness

Formatheightabsorption level as per DIN EN ISO 354 (reverberation room)
in mm in mm
    125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz
1000 x 500 30 (15/15) 0,09 0,19 0,45 0,69 0,81 0,89
1000 x 500 40 (20/20) 0,12 0,33 0,60 0,81 0,89 0,92
1000 x 500 60 (30/30) 0,22 0,60 0,85 0,93 0,96 0,98

This product is manufactured as per DIN 7715 Part 5 P3. Further item-specific properties can be found in our online help section under the entry “Properties of duromere foams.”.

Packing unit
- based on material thickness (can be found in the price calculator in the top right-hand section on this page)

Strict fire protection standard required?
These acoustic elements with egg-crate patterns meet fire protection classification DIN4102 B1. Thus it is very easy to obtain approval during fire protection inspections.

aixFOAM self-adhesive backing
We mechanically apply a solvent-free adhesive system to the reverse side of the absorbers, with stabilizing diagonally laid scrims. The covering is protected by liner paper, which you must remove before adhering it.
The stabilizing diagonally laid scrims that characterize the high-quality aixFOAM products guarantee higher form stability for our acoustic elements.
aixFOAM assembly/suspension cassette
The high-quality aixFOAM assembly/suspension cassettes offer you another professional assembly option. With their elegant appearance, these cassettes – made from anodized aluminum – turn our egg-crate profile acoustic panels into true premium absorbers. You can mount the acoustic elements horizontally, vertically or suspended from the ceiling, and easily disassemble them at any time.
The aixFOAM assembly/suspension cassettes come equipped with your choice of absorber. We also offer them as individual products in the category of “Accessories.” You will also find our aixFOAM vibration bolts and, alternatively, the aixFOAM suspension system for professional assembly here.
If you plan to screw the units in, we recommend using our vibration bolts. These fix the entire acoustic absorber with elastic vibrations in the macro range, about 20 mm from either the ceiling or the wall. This type of assembly is very attractive on the one hand, and significantly increases sound absorption in the low-frequency range on the other.
The aixFOAM assembly and suspension cassettes are not only distinguished by the best functionality for their static mounting task, they also act as a resonator. Thanks to their “counter-vibration effect,” they absorb low sound frequencies, thereby increasing the absorption level of your chosen acoustic panels. You can find more information on this in the article aixFOAM assembly/suspension cassettes under “Accessories.”

Material options  
Fire classification DIN4102 B1

Format options
All of our architectline products are available in various material thicknesses and in the associated packing units.

Because of the large number of options we offer, our acoustic panels with egg-crate pattern are always manufactured on an order-by-order basis. That allows us to provide you with a customized aixFOAM sound absorption product that is tailored to your specific needs.

Because of its broad absorption spectrum, this classic sound insulation mat can be used in many different ways. Among other things, the egg-crate structure of the SH002 MH provides ideal acoustic conditions in large rooms, such as hotel foyers, indoor swimming pools and discotheques.

Ideal for use in areas with high fire protection requirements

  • soundproofing of rehearsal rooms, music rooms, rooms with public traffic,
  • optimization of room acoustics in home theaters,
  • sound absorption in recording studios,
  • acoustic insulation for offices, conference rooms, call centers and open-plan offices,
  • soundproofing of rehearsal rooms,
  • acoustic insulation of recording studios / recording rooms,
  • acoustic insulation for trade fairs and exhibits,
  • acoustic insulation of discotheques,
  • acoustic insulation of lecture halls,
  • sound insulation for a speaker's booth,
  • sound insulation in hotel foyers,
  • acoustic insulation in workshops,
  • noise reduction in gymnasiums,
  • sound insulation in ice rinks and indoor swimming pools


In every case, when planning the assembly layout (arranging the absorbers), an adjustable shadow gap should be included in the plans, since the continuous production process means that the egg-crate pattern will necessarily differ. Placing the absorbers with shadow gaps is attractive because of the acoustic advantage of the edge absorption effect (which increases along with the material thickness of the absorbers) of the aixFOAM SH002 MH absorbers. In order to maintain this effect, the shadow gap should not be any wider than the chosen material thickness of the SH002 MH acoustic panel.

Discriminating interior designers can choose to integrate the absorbers subtly into the room, or play with colour and mounting options to use the absorbers as a prominent design element.

The SH002H MH suspended solution, a suspended acoustic element, offers an interesting alternative for any acoustical planner. If you plan to screw the units in, we recommend using the aixFOAM vibration bolts, which fix the entire acoustic absorber with elastic vibrations in the macro range, about 20 mm from either the ceiling or the wall. This type of assembly is very attractive on the one hand, and significantly increases sound absorption in the low-frequency range on the other.

This absorber is often used in combination with aixFOAM SH001 MH.

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