Photo aging - UV protection against yellowing

Photo aging

Since 1958 we have been engaged in sound insulation/protection as well as sound absorption and over the decades we have steadily improved our product because of quickly growing requirements in the area of acoustics – at the same time UV protection against yellowing and photo aging has always been a challenge for us.

 Lots of manufacturers of PUR (polyurethane) – acoustic foams are facing apparently unsolvable problems, especially concerning aging problems (yellowing). In the context of our tests and researches we, as an experienced manufacturer of high quality acoustic products, are able to fit our foams up with high effective UV-blockers which reduces the effect of photo aging (=yellowing) immensely.

This is made possible by extremely complex foaming – processes. Being developed for the production of high quality acoustic foams, this process was tested and improved in costly and elaborate test procedures and has still been constantly improved.

The best known test procedure is the so called “Xenon Test”. During this test different, colored materials have to undergo a fastness to weather test which results into a simulation of a very fast aging process. A xenon lamp is used as a source of radiation.  Its filtered spectrum, as well as its exposure rate, is similar to sunlight. The exposure time is variable and can be adjusted, based on the consistence of the particular material.
This Xenon Test is suitable for all paints, textiles, plastics and foams. The DIN-regulation 54 04 regulates the exact instructions regarding the enforcement of the test.

As a manufacturer, we are able to produce a large variety of acoustic products in different shapes and colors. Our products are made out of special acoustic foams, which are a lot more resistant to UV-light than conventional acoustic foam and have a way longer color changing time. This is proven by the Xenon Test (DIN 54 04).