Q-Panel Design Soundproofing Element
Q-Panel Design Soundproofing Element
The art of silence
Art.nr.: Q-PANEL
Q-Panel Design Soundproofing Element
The art of silence
Art.nr.: Q-PANEL

Q-Panel Design Soundproofing Element

The art of silence
Art.nr.: Q-PANEL
Q-Panel Design Acoustic Elemen
  • curved metal surface
  • Acoustic core available in many colors
  • Dimension: 1020 mm × 520 mm × 90 mm
  • Flexible usage to improve room acoustics e.g. In offices, large offices, in reception halls
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Q-Panel Design Soundproofing Element
Art.nr. Q-PANEL

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Q-Panel Design Soundproofing Element

  • Strong acoustic performance
  • High-quality design
  • versatile use on account of broad absorption range
  • Acoustic core available in different colours
  • Perfect for installation on the wall as well as for suspension from the ceiling
  • Acoustic core free of mineral fibers
  • Ideal sound absorber for architectural applications, e.g. entrance halls, airports, conference centres
  • Registered Product

Sound and style go perfectly together

Q-Panel is a highly effective soundproofing element. Its straight design and strong acoustic performance set new standards in terms of acoustic room design.
Consisting of open-celled acoustic foam the absorbing core is discreetly covered by a stainless steel metal mesh and framed by a high-quality aluminium cassette. Extremely high absorption rates in middle and high frequencies as well as good absorption rates in low frequencies are characteristic for the acoustic foam included.

Room acoustics further improved by the right installation

With the help of the aixFOAM Oscillating Plugs installed on the wall or suspended from the ceiling the Q-Panel can be perfectly used as broadband absorbers. In this context the aluminium cassette is more than an installation frame. A specially developed perforation on the backside supports and increases the absorbing effect of the acoustic core. The Q-Panel proves that sound aesthetics and a great sense of style go hand in hand.

Design soundproofing panel for modern architecture

Large spaces for working and living play a key role in modern architecture. Plain and acoustically hard materials, like e.g. concrete, glass, metal or parquet flooring, have a significant impact on room acoustics. Without acoustic elements modern rooms are often reverberant and loud and understanding gets difficult. Q-Panel was especially designed for a sustainable acoustic improvement. It is highly effective in a frequency range between 400 and 4,000 hz - which is exactly the frequency of human speech. Thus, it improves the speech intelligibility on one hand and clearly increases the perceptibility of voice characteristics.

Versatile high-quality acoustic element for sound insulation

Its high-level acoustic performance together with its straight design open up numerous application possibilities. In entrance halls it can be used as sound absorbing element. Above office workstations and conference tables, it absorbs undesired acoustic noise. In living rooms it can be used as a acoustically effective design element for walls.

Registered acoustic element

European Patent: No. EP2571022
European Design Registration: No. 002188300-0001
German Design Registration: No. 402012100693-0001

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- 1020 mm × 520 mm × 90 mm

curved metal surface

Open-celled acoustic foam core, highly reflecting stainless steel, anodised aluminium

anodised aluminium, acoustic foam in the colours anthracite, dark grey, light grey, white-grey, raspberry red and orange

Fire Protection Classification
Classification DIN4102 B1 for the colours white-grey and dark grey and construction test certificate available.

Physical Effect
The oscillation of air particles is slowed down and converted into thermal energy. The acoustic perforation on the backside increases the absorption effect.

Examples for possible applications

  • Modern architecture
  • Sound insulation in entrance halls
  • Soundproofing in conference rooms
  • Sound absorption in airports
  • Improving acoustics in offices

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