aixFOAM – Sound absorbers in perfection
We improve your acoustics – for more than 60 years!
In the very west of Germany, at Eschweiler bei Aachen (North-Rhine Westphalia), is not just the highly modern production, but also the administration and sales of aixFOAM. Everything in our hallowed halls revolves around the perfect acoustics in every area and the maximum satisfaction of our customers. Whether this means improving your acoustics or reducing noise. We are your partners for sound insulation. High quality sound absorbers "Made in Germany" – This is what aixFOAM stands for.
  •  Sound insulation direct from the manufacturer
  •  Best quality "Made in Germany"
  •  Individual production in a few days
  •  ISO 9001:2015 certified

aixFOAM - production and sales on the highest level

aixFOAM is your competent partner in the areas of noise control, room acoustics and technical acoustics. As manufacturers of high-quality and effective acoustic foams, we offer you a rich product portfolio, in which you are sure to find a suitable solution to your problem.

Standard solutions and individual concepts for perfect acoustics

At the newly remodelled location in Eschweiler, aixFOAM demonstrated its high technical competence on a total of 6,000 m² of commercial space. All our assorted products are manufactured here, using optimised processes and manufacturing methods. Carefully selected raw materials in nearly all diversifications are a pre-requisite for our extensive spectrum of creative and economic problem solutions.

aixFOAM acoustic foams insulate or dampen sound, thus improving an area's acoustics. Our acoustic foams are porous absorbers. These are manufactured using highly complex foam procedures from premium raw materials, and have different pore sizes. The material's own finely pored and heterogeneous structure stops the vibration of air particles with friction, thus converting the sound to frictional heat or heat energy.

Whether for room acoustics or machinery noise, our extensive standard product range contains comprehensive aixFOAM solutions for all sectors desiring or needing effective sound insulation and soundproofing. AixFOAM products are impressive not only through their functionality, but also by individuality, style and Design.

If you cannot visit our shop, we will develop a custom solution concept with you that's adapted to your needs, and which will satisfy your requirements in every way.

Acoustic foams of the highest quality thanks to innovation and many years of experience

Since 1958, we've been systematically developing our main skill: manufacturing and refining pur foams. We work together with numerous institutions to perfect our products and adapt them to rising technical requirements,  This enables us to constantly develop new, innovative products, while always improving the tried-and-true aixFOAM sound absorbers.

As system supplier of foams, we specialise in industrially manufacturing professional soundproofing and sound insulation products, producing them at a technically high level in modern facilities. Thanks to our many years of experience, and permanent quality control, we can ensure a continuously high quality of our aixFOAM products, benefitting our customers.

Since we act proactively as future-oriented development partners, we have not only continuously expanded the aixFOAM product range, but also invested in automated processes and state of the art CNC technology. We can produce individual lots just as easily as medium-sized or large lots. Thus, we can optimally adapt our products to your desires, and devise unusual special solutions.

Motivated staff and flexible logistics partners

Our extremely enthusiastic and engaged workforce commands an impressive expertise. An above average level of education and many years of experience in the field of acoustics and sound absorbers form the basis for smoothly creating high-quality custom aixFOAM special solutions. Networking with flexible renowned logistics partners, and a sophisticated logistics, offer our customers sustainable shopping, and allow us short delivery times and maximum adherence to the delivery date. This applies to deliveries both within and outside of Germany.

Our technicians look forward to hearing from you: Please contact us!