Room acoustics basics

Room acoustics basics

There are some important basics about room acoustics you should have heard of. Perfectly, the performance of a sound-source is adapted to the given frame-conditions of the room. This means that the potential performance of the sound source is “curbed” and avoids noise annoyance. After all you can say that the way of construction (the conditions of the building physics) have to the match the implementation. The rooms are very often not dimensioned correctly for the field of application.

Because: sound is a difference in air pressure that emerges as kinetic energy. For a certain amount (volume) of air an accommodated absorption are has to be provided. This fact explains why you cannot simply “insulate” a single wall.

Every sound that can be heard on the other side of the wall was transferred in form of vibrations of the according frequency to the “light wall”. The propagation speed in solid matter is five times higher than the propagation speed in air.

If the performance of a sound source is too high the effect of the insulation of a wall and/or ceiling might not be sufficient. Furthermore other factors in the area of construction physics play an important role. aixFOAM sound absorbers work with the concept of energy conversion. At this the vibration of air particles (sound) is turned into heat energy. The more sound energy is produced the more absorption elements are necessary to cover a larger area of the wall/ceiling. At the same time the room acoustics change. The more absorbers are installed the lower the reverberation time. You have to find equilibrium between good room acoustics and a sufficient sound insulation – and you have to keep it.

We offer our absorbers in the expressive colours anthracite, light grey, orange or raspberry red. With these, harmonious combinations can be realised. When the absorbers are supposed to be hidden we also offer a wall covering with acoustic cloth. With the help of this cloth the absorption elements are not always visible at first sight and perfectly blend themselves in the room design.