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We improve your acoustics – for more than 60 years!

In the very west of Germany, at Eschweiler bei Aachen (North-Rhine Westphalia), is not just the highly modern production, but also the administration and sales of aixFOAM. Everything in our hallowed halls revolves around the perfect acoustics in every area and the maximum satisfaction of our customers. Whether this means improving your acoustics or reducing noise. We are your partners for sound insulation. High quality sound absorbers "Made in Germany" – This is what aixFOAM stands for.
Schaumstoffe Helgers GmbH
CNC Schneidewerk
IGP - Industrie und Gewerbepark
Department aixFOAM sound absorbers
Ernst-Abbe-Str. 12
52249 Eschweiler

Telefon: 0049 2403. 838 30 -22
Fax: 0049 2403 838 30 -13

Author and responsible person within the meaning of § 18 para. 2 MStV: Michael Mathey

Management Board: Michael Mathey
Registering court: Aachen Local Court
Registration number: HRB 17255
VAT number according to s. 27a UStG: DE 355518030
Brand protection: aixFOAM is a registered brand name.


The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR). The platform can be found here: Or contact us at aixFOAM at



Picture credits

Header aixFOAM: David Wilms
Machinery construction: chinaface
Children's rooms : ilterriorm
Schools / Nurseries: Olaf Rohl
Sports hall / Swimming pool: Olaf Rohl
Function room / Concert hall: yenwen
Industrial buildings / Workshops: Olaf Rohl
Surgery / Law firm:Olaf Rohl
Exhibition construction: Olaf Rohl
Vehicle production: kemalbas
Switch cabinets / casing: scanrail
Loudspeaker construction: GenghisKhanPL
Homecinema/Hifi: Olaf Rohl
Sound studio / Rehearsal room: karitap
Appliance production: wellphoto
Function room / Concert hall: yenwen
Shipbuilding / Yacht building : ATImage
Architecture / Living: Olaf Rohl
Offices / Call centres: Olaf Rohl
Server room / PC: scanrail
Basiswissen Akustik: phil holmes 
Header Geräuschdämmung im Auto mit Schallabsorbern: wittayayut
Header Schalldämmung im Musikzimmer: filonmar
Header Nachträgliche Schallisolierung von Fenstern: lolostock
Header Schallschutz für Waschmaschinen/ vibrierende Geräte: KasiaJanus
ArtikelPicture Schallschutz und Lärmschutz aus Schaumstoff: danaka_
Header Raumakustikrechner: BongkarnThanyakij
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Childrens's room Content, Picture 1: KatarzynaBialasiewicz, Picture 3: ulkas
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Office & Callcenter Content, Picture 1: Bojan89, Picture 2 – 4: Olaf Rohl
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Content Industrial buildings/ Workshops, Picture 1: peterscode, Picture 2 – 5 : Olaf Rohl
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Content Sports hall/ Swimming pool, Picture 1: taka4332, Picture 2: vgajic, Picture 3: Olaf Rohl, Picture 4: Bojan89, Picture 5: Jacob Ammentorp Lund
Content Exhibition construction, Picture 1: rclassenlayouts, Picture 2: sanjeri, Picture 3: aixFOAM
Content Vehicle production, Picture 1: xieyuliang, Picture 2: wittayayut, Picture 3: deepblue4you, Picture 4: alexsl, Picture 5: paulbranding, Picture 6: Avalon_Studio, Picture 7: aixFOAM
Content shipbuilding, Picture 1: spyderskidoo, Picture 2: laughingmango, Picture 3: aixFOAM, Picture4: ATImage
Content Serverroom/ PC, Picture 1: victorass88, Picture 2: ESOlex, Picture 3: undefined
Content Loudspeaker construction, Picture 1: poplasen, Picture 2: aixFOAM, Picture 3: poplasen
Content Appliance production, Picture 1: KasiaJanus, Picture 2: aixFOAM, Picture 3: South_agency, Picture 4: MementoImage, Picture 5: aixFOAM
Content Switch cabinets / casing, Picture 1: vorclub, Picture 2: aixFOAM, Picture 3: nightman1965

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