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Playing and running around desired – Sound insulation in the children's room

  • Sound absorbers for reducing noise in the children's and play room
  • A more pleasant noise level despite lots of noise (toys, children, etc.)
  • Child-friendly, colourful sound absorbers made from Oeko-Tex certified materials that have been tested for harmful substances
  • Sound insulation solutions for walls and ceilings or free-standing acoustic elements
  • Also ideal for retrofitting

Here can find out more about soundproofing and sound insulation in children's rooms.
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Children's room sound insulation & noise insulation

How does noise occur in the children's room?

Briefly close your eyes and imaging the following background noise: Parts of the metal construction kit crash to the floor, the new toy drum is tested, the games console rings with penetrating sounds and lions' roars, happy screeching and noisy arguments echo through the home. What you just imagined is the typical background noise in a children's room. Together, all these sounds turn into noise. A permanently high noise level in the children's room not only becomes a problem for parents and children, it can also annoy the neighbours.
When children play freely, the noise level soon rises. In particular in rental apartments without sufficient soundproofing, play noise can soon lead to problems with the neighbours.
Children playing in the children's room

How does sound insulation ensure more peace in the children's room?

The use of sound insulation on the wall or ceiling of the children's room helps to reduce noise. aixFOAM sound absorbers have an open-pore structure and therefore are perfect for damping disturbing noise in all frequency ranges. Sound can penetrate deep into the material and this is effectively weakened.

When soundproofing the children's room, it is sensible to proceed gradually. This means only fitting a few soundproofing mats first of all as broadband absorbers on the walls and / or ceiling. This prevents "over-dampening" and unnatural room acoustics while simultaneously saving you money. In most cases it is sufficient to cover 20 – 30% of the wall and ceiling area with sound insulation.

The use of footstep dampening should already be considered when planning the flooring. This prevents the transfer of structure-borne sound when walking or running around.

Sound insulation in a child-friendly design

Apart from good room acoustics, the design of the sound absorbers in the children's room is also particularly important. Sound insulation panels in a conventional rectangular shape are less attractive and child-friendly for the little ones. We at aixFOAM have therefore developed sound absorbers, which not only have excellent sound absorption coefficients, but also have attractive shapes.

Our design absorbers with low-maintenance felt surfaces are available in 15 different colours and brighten every children's room as cute hippos, clouds, hearts, jigsaws or butterflies.

Motif sound absorbers in many shapes and colours
Colourful motif sound absorbers bring more peace and good mood into every children's room – for less noise and more fun when excitedly playing and running around.

How can effective soundproofing prevent noise reaching the children's noise?

Sound insulation in the children's room is frequently not only about dampening noises in the room, but also keep noise out.

Retrofitting sound insulation to doors is frequently sensible because these construction elements easily become sound transmitted because of their structural features. Our aixFOAM sound insulation mats with a flat surface such as the SH001 or a combination of an anti-drumming mat and heavy acoustic foam are ideal for reinforcing the material of the door and interrupting noise transmission. The sound absorbers can be easily stuck to the door leaf thanks to the practical self-adhesive kit.

Time for relaxation: When the little ones are in bed, noise has to stay outside. Sufficient soundproofing / sound insulation in the children's room creates space for relaxation.
A child and a small dog sleep peacefully, thanks to effective soundproofing in the children's room.

Why is aixFOAM your ideal partner for soundproofing in the children's room?

As a manufacturer of high quality sound absorbers, we at aixFOAM look on 60 years' experience. As a result, we know what works as sound insulation in the children's room and have optimised our foam acoustic elements for this. From us you get brand quality "Made in Germany".
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aixFOAM felt absorbers bear the Ökotex seal for special environmental friendliness and with child-friendly motives are ideal for use in children's and teenagers' rooms. Thanks to the large selection of colours and motives, the absorbers can be combined well and used therefore as elements of the room design.

Now it's your turn: Get sound insulation for the children's room – direct and cheap from the manufacturer!

Choose your sound absorbers conveniently in the aixFOAM Online Shop or contact our experts if you have any questions. In free advice, we are happy to help you to find the right sound absorbers for your application. As a result, you get the optimum sound insulation solution for your children's room, guaranteed.
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