Playing and romping
Soundproofing in the child's room
A modern child's room can be a real place for fun. From bed chutes and play shops to stereo systems and game consoles - depending on the age. That's fun. And loud. The aixFOAM products especially designed for kids the acoustic implications can easily be calmed down.
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  1. SH006
    Sound absorbers in different colors
    • Acoustic core in anthracite with easy-care felt surface
    • Format 100 x 50 cm in various material thicknesses
    • available in 15 different colours
    • Different material thicknesses and fire protection classes
    • Flexibly applicable...
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    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  2. SH006Animal
    Acoustic elements for wall design in various forms
    • Contour cut in four different shapes
    • In many attractive, cheerful colors
    • Ideal for sound damping in the nursery, waiting room for children, nursery, playroom
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    Price per package unit
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  3. SH006Puzzle
    Sound absorber in an extraordinary puzzle look in different colors
    • Contoured cut puzzle pieces with textile surface made of acoustic felt
    • Puzzle size 56 x 50,5 cm
    • Available in 15 modern colors
    • Suitable for a variety of applications, such as sound insulat...
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  4. SH006Round
    Soundproofing Panel with Acoustic Felt Lamination
    • available as circle or ellipse
    • 14 different colours, from trendy and eye-catching to classic and discreet
    • deliverable in various material strengths and fire classifications
    • versatilely applicable, e.g. fo...
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  5. SH001
    Rectangular acoustic panels made of fine-pored acoustic foam
    • Surface: plane
    • Format 100 x 50 cm in various material thicknesses
    • Colour: anthracite, raspberry red, orange, light grey
    • Various fire protection classes
    • Application areas: noise reduction in offi...
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Noise protection in nursery rooms

Take it easy and check out our extraordinary sound absorbers for the rooms of your little ones.

Practical advice

  • Take already one of our special high-quality noise protection systems into consideration right from the beginning when designing your child's room.
  • Combine our absorption panels with extraordinary kids designs (cloud, hippo etc.) in different shapes and colours.
  • Please, find out your fire protection regulations in advance. Thus, we can advise you on the best solution.
  • If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us at any time.

The joyful playfulness and energy of our little ones is as tempestuous as it is noisy. Problems with the neighbours are bound to happen, as the noise becomes too loud for them, and parents soon run out of patience. "Child's cry" may be "pie in the sky", but it is also loud and noisy, particularly in the medium frequency range. Child-friendly soundproofing elements from aixFOAM acoustic foam adds effective noise reduction and absorption to nursery design in modern architecture.

aixFOAM offers effective noise control for nurseries

The acoustic reality of a nursery sounds like this: parts from the metal modelling kit clatter on the floor, the new drum set is tried out, piercing tones from video games get on your nerves, and the sounds of bickering children and their conflicts echo through the apartment. The sources of noise in the nursery are loud and diverse. If your crying child quiets down, the problems with neighbours children and the crying baby in their apartment start. There are flexible noise protection solutions for the nursery: Whether for a children's play corner, a restful island or the whole room, during the design of a nursery the play corner can be given a resident-friendly design with aixFOAM Kids acoustical foam

How to soundproof a nursery or rest area in nurseries or a rest area for children? Children are sure to take to the sound absorber Kids SH006 straightaway. Whether designed as a cloud, a hippo, a heart, or nursery wall pictures, the sound insulation for a nursery finds its way into the colourful world of our children in the nursery. The chic nursery murals used for soundproofing nurseries offer great optical possibilities for nursery room wall design through their varieties of colour. Is the nursery room too loud for your neighbour? Combine different high-end acoustic materials with the material qualities of the absorber, choose between individual assembly options, and you can easily design your own personal soundproofing solution for the nursery, step by step, in the aixFOAM Shop.

With aixFOAM you can play it safe!

Quality is our first priority, so of course our high-quality foam materials are subject to the strictest production guidelines and appropriate controls. Examined for pollutants and certified by Oeko Tex, they can be used without worry in nursery room noise insulation, nursery room sound insulation, for sound protection in nurseries as well as in children’s rooms.

Look forward to your children's playtime, because with aixFOAM sound absorbers, you can make their rooms sound proof.