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Soundproofing of appliances and machines

Appliance soundproofing and sound insulation is an important topic in these days of increasing safety consciousness. Because too much noise in the workplace or in the home often leads to hearing disorders. Appliances/ machines in particular often generate a considerable amount of noise due to their technology and construction. The soundproofing of appliances or appliance cabinets is often inadequate or not available at all, since the planning does not consider adequate soundproofing.

Noise-reducing measures should be taken to protect the hearing.

Special acoustic foam is not only characterised by its exceptionally good soundproofing, but also offers the right solution for almost every acoustic problem thanks to its handling and countless possible variations.

When choosing a suitable acoustic foam, careful attention should be paid to the intended application: because not every acoustic foam is suitable for every acoustic problem.

aixFOAM heavy foam HEAVY Duty Tec is ideally suited for the absorption of medium to deep tones and slight vibrations - whereas our aixFOAM egg crate foam WAVER Tec is better suited for insulation of medium-high to high pitches. Our aixFOAM FLAT Tec is considered to be an all-rounder among absorbers, and absorbs sound excellently in almost all frequencies and therefore excels in all areas of application.

Almost all of our products can be combined with different acoustic elements.

For example, smooth acoustic foams can be equipped with different surface lamination, which changes not only the visual impression, but also the technical properties of the acoustic foam.

One option is to use high-quality acoustic felt.  As a result, aixFOAM BLACK Tec is visually appealing and lets liquids roll off. Due to the wide variety of colours of the acoustic felt, the complicated and expensive colouring of the acoustic elements is no longer necessary.

A micro perforation coating (PERFORmance) can also be produced. All coatings give our products a unique look, are also very easy to care for and are washable.

For example, our aixFOAM SILVER Silence can be coated using a special process with a thin aluminium foil, which not only protects the sound-absorbing core from splashing liquids and dirt, but also complements its absorbing properties and can thereby also absorb higher frequencies.

By using the latest CNC cutters and milling machines, aixFOAM sound absorbers can be cut to almost any shape and offer high productivity, economy and efficiency. The precise workability and the flexible options for retrofitting, as well as for the production fitting of series devices, offer countless variants in all fields of application in industry, trade and craft. We can produce moulded parts in small, medium and large series at any time.

Thanks to a self-adhesive layer on the back of the absorber, installation is child's play and it can be used in all appliance areas.

The performance of our aixFOAM absorbers was tested together with RWTH Aachen. Let us convince you of our great experience in the field of sound insulation and soundproofing. We would be happy to advise you in detail on the selection of an appropriate acoustic solution.

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