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  • More peace and space for presenting your exhibition performance
  • Sound insulation solutions, which can be fitted invisibly to your stand
  • Individualisable sound absorbers with desired motif as additional advertising space

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Sound insulation in exhibition construction – Good acoustics for your exhibition stand

Sound insulation in exhibition construction helps to create a quiet, relaxed and sales-promoting atmosphere. The lively business at trade fairs and exhibitions should be insulated and space for presenting one's own services and products created. But where are the actual challenges that are faced by sound insulation for exhibition halls and stands, and what are the possibilities for realising it?

What are the challenges for sound insulation in exhibition construction?

Numerous visitors, conversations and product presentations cause noise level in trade fair and exhibition shall to quickly rise. Spacious rooms, large halls and hard construction materials such as glass, steel and concrete promote reverberation and long reverberation times in these rooms and cause restless acoustics. The use of sound absorbers on the exhibition stand helps absorb ambient noise and reduce reverberation.
The background noise of a trade fair is colourful and hectic. Lots of visitors, excited discussions or production presentations drive up the sound pressure level. Sound absorbers lower the noise level at the exhibition stand and reduce reverberation in the exhibition hall.
The exhibition hall is dominated by hectic and noise – sound insulation provides calm.

What are the possibilities for sound insulation on the exhibition stand?

When using sound absorbers on the exhibition stand or during exhibition construction, there are various options for lowering the noise level and improving the acoustics.

Invisible sound insulation on the exhibition stand

On one hand, the sound absorbers can be covered and integrated invisibly into the stand. The sound insulation mats are integrated for this as a layer in the walls of the stand. Flat sound absorbers are particularly well suited for these room-in-room concepts, as well as soundproofing panels made from heavy acoustic foam.

Acoustically effective and visually attractive – visible sound insulation solutions on the exhibition stand

Of course the sound absorbers can also be installed in sight on the stand. In this case, it is not just the acoustic functionality of the noise insulation that is important, but also that it has an attractive look. This is why you will find highly effective sound absorbers in our aixFOAM Shop in attractive designs and can choose your desired absorbers from various profiles and surfaces.

In addition to the classic sound absorbers as panels, free-standing acoustic elements such as columns and partition walls, along with acoustic sails, can also noticeably improve the acoustics on the stand and reduce noise. These elements are in our "Architect Line".

Apart from the standardised solutions from our online shop, as a manufacturer we are also able to produce individualised sound insulation solutions. With the latest CNC-controlled cutting and milling machines, we make acoustic foam in almost any shape and fit it perfectly to your stand. For more information or details, simply contact our experts for free advice.

The background noise at the exhibition under control: Sound absorbers on the exhibition stand create quiet zones in the hectic exhibition environment. For nothing is more important for qualified customer and partner acquisition than a quiet place to withdraw that has a good conversation atmosphere.
The background noise at the exhibition under control: Sound absorbers on the exhibition stand create quiet zones in the hectic exhibition environment. For nothing is more important for qualified customer and partner acquisition than a quiet place to withdraw that has a good conversation atmosphere.

Individually printed sound absorbers as advertising spaces

Individually printed acoustic pictures or free-standing acoustic columns are a very special highlight on the stand. These can be found in our "Architect Line". With these sound absorbers it is possible for you to become a designer for your exhibition sound insulation. You can have the absorbers printed with almost any desired motif, for example your company logo. So you can simply use the sound absorbers on the exhibition stand as extra advertising.

How does the sound insulation in trade fair and exhibition halls work?

The use of sound absorbers not only contributed to improved acoustics on the exhibition stand and for more ambience for visitors and exhibitors. Sound insulation is also sensible in trade fair halls and exhibition halls. The absorbers swallow noise from the surrounding areas and reduce reverberation time in the room. As a result the overlaying of numerous noise sources can be dampened and communication improved. Free-hanging acoustic elements under the hall ceiling in particular have proven themselves in practice.
In order to find the right sound insulation for your exhibition hall, we recommend free acoustics advice. You can find more about sound insulation in halls in our aixFOAM knowledge article (German).

Read more (German)

Sound absorbers on the ceiling of the trade fair or exhibition hall ensure less noise and good acoustics.

Which role does fire protection play when selecting the sound absorbers for your exhibition stand?

The selection of the right sound absorbers is determined by the relevant fire protection provisions for the premises where the stand is used. So ideally you should find out about the relevant fire protection conditions before buying the absorbers and building your stand.

Our aixFOAM sound absorbers are available in various fire protection classes. The absorbers with the designation "MH" in our "Architect Line" are certified, e.g. according to fire protection directive DIN4102 B1. This applies public and commercial buildings, which typically also include exhibition halls.

Why are sound absorbers from aixFOAM is the best choice for exhibition construction?

In order to create a relaxed and sales-promoting atmosphere on your stand, you need a professional partner in sound insulation by your side. For more than 60 years we have been making high quality sound absorbers "Made in Germany" and know what is critical for good and successful acoustics. Through a constant further development of our products, and with an open ear for the needs of our customers, we are now able to offer effective sound absorbers with attractive designs.

Apart from standard sound insulation solutions as panels, we also offer tailored parts for sound insulation on your stand. Discuss your needs simply in a free acoustics consultation with our experts.

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aixFOAM sound absorbers not only reduce the noise near your exhibition stand, they also improve the acoustics and communication. The large number of shape and colour options of our products also supports your perfect exhibition appearance visually. Choose your favourites from several surface profiles and installation options – like the elegant aluminium installation cassettes. For installation of the absorbers as easy as child's play when building your stand, you also receive aixFOAM sound insulation mats with practical self-adhesive kit. Our sound insulation products are also available in various fire protection classes and thus ensure the necessary safety in case of fire.

Now it's your turn: Get the perfect sound insulation for your exhibition stand!

Now choose the right sound insulation from our aixFOAM products for the exhibition construction or use our free advice service. Our experts will help you find the right solution for your exhibition stand, trade fair or exhibition hall.

Of course, you can simply use the enquiry option for the our "Architect Line" if you have already chosen a sound insulation product. We will then send you a personal offer or call you back.

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