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Soundproofing in the office with aixFOAM sound absorbers

Soundproofing or sound optimization in the office is both important and difficult: In the long run, noise and acoustics affect not only motivation and productivity, but also the health of workers.

The rattling of the keyboards, the ringing of phones, the hum of printers, the intense conversations of colleagues. These are just a few factors that fill the soundscape of office spaces and make planning acoustics so challenging. When optimising offices acoustics, two crucial aspects must be taken into account.

  • Noise reduction.
  • Improving room acoustics.

DIN 18041 - Acoustic quality in rooms

The revised DIN 18041 in 2016, entitled “Acoustic Quality in Rooms – Requirements, Recommendations and Indications for Planning”, also provides valuable arguments for well-thought-out sound insulation in the office. It provides valuable clues for the conception of spaces in which mutual hearing and understanding, but also the finding of peace, is particularly important. Good room acoustic conditions improve speech comprehension and therefore actively support the involvement of hard-of-hearing people in daily communication. However, companies should also deal in general with the acoustic quality of their rooms, according to the recommendations of the experts. Good acoustic quality has other advantages, such as using a foreign language and concentrating work.

Optimum sound insulation in the office is achieved using targeted soundproofing and acoustic treatment measures as well as through the use of high-quality acoustic elements. We have put together some interesting information for the acoustic design of office spaces in the following.

Causes of noise in the office

The more sound sources are in a room, the more the noise pollution increases. Trade associations therefore impose certain volume limits (sound pressure levels) which must not be exceeded. These values are specified in the unit decibels (dB) and describe the strength of a particular sound event (volume). In particular, the many different noise sources (telephones, electrical appliances, conversations, etc.) in offices increase the likelihood of high noise levels. This is a problem, especially in open-plan offices. However, it is often not enough to reduce the volume in the room alone in order to reduce the noise.

Another factor that has a decisive effect on room acoustics is the reverberation. Reverberation describes the reduction of a sound field in a room after switching off the sound source and is often colloquially confused with the echo. Office spaces in particular tend to have long reverberation times due to their furnishing which tends to reflect sound (metal, hardwood, windows, large, smooth wall surfaces, etc.).

Soundproofing measures should therefore ensure the necessary calm and improvement of sound quality in the workplace.

Akustikelemente für bessere Akustik im Büro
Less noise and stress in the office

aixFOAM acoustic elements for better acoustics and less noise in the office and call centre

Here you will find soundproofing, especially for use in offices and call centres as well as pictures from our customers as inspiration. aixFOAM sound absorbers improve room acoustics in the workplace thereby promoting concentration and productivity.
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Sound absorbers provide peace of mind in the office

Sound absorbers made of acoustic foam have proven themselves to improve office acoustics. Acoustic foam, as an absorber with a porous surface, has exceptionally good properties for soundproofing and acoustic treatment. Thanks to its special pore structure and the resulting texture, it reduces both the sound pressure level and the reverberation times in a room.

In general, soundproofing measures should be installed close to every workplace, as this stops or attenuates the sound waves directly at the source.

Soundproofing in the workplace

The first step is acoustic table separation between the individual workstations. This can be done by dressing up existing table separations with soundproofing panels such as the aixFOAM FELT sound absorbers. But also the installation of special table separations such as the aixFOAM VERTIGO Desk reliably reduces sound.

Sound absorber on the ceiling

In addition to the table displays, acoustic absorbers floating directly above the workplace should be installed to effectively reduce the sound pressure that is distributed throughout the room. The absorbers should also be installed as close as possible to the workplace in order to “stifle” noise directly.

Even with high ceilings, ceiling absorbers can be installed using aixFOAM suspension cassettes without any problems. Suspension cassettes are high-quality, anodised aluminium frames that are fitted with the right absorber for the particular application. Several mounting rails are fixed to the back of the cassettes, so that they can be mounted in different positions, floating flat above the work station or vertical wall suspension via a wire cable construction. This enables easy adjustment of the height and position of the acoustic absorbers later on without much effort. In addition, the suspension cassettes produce a so-called “counter-vibration effect”, which further enhances the sound-absorbing ability of the absorbers.

aixFOAM - soundproofing meets design

As a manufacturer with more than 50 years’ experience, we at aixFOAM know that the aesthetic requirements also play a role in selecting the right acoustic product – even though technical requirements are more important. That's why we specialise in developing sound absorbers that excel in improving both room acoustics as well as design.

In addition to classic sound absorbers, we offer many other exclusive design solutions for setting up your office. For example, an aixFOAM SH006 Puzzle Absorber combines the functionality of the acoustic foam with a playful and creative design as well as a wide variety of colours. Free-standing acoustic columns, which can be printed with a custom design, such as your company logo, set an optical highlight and improve the room acoustics.

The variations of our aixFOAM acoustic elements in shape, colour, technical properties and assembly possibilities are enormously diverse and provide the right and individual solution for every problem. With us, you receive individual sound absorbers for effective use and a forward-looking sound reduction at the workplace and in the office.

We are happy to help you find the right soundproofing solution for your requirements with a free consultation via our customer hotline or in the aixFOAM shop: For more peace, concentration and better communication in the office.


Office noise not only reduces concentration and performance, but also causes more stress and can even damage health over time

Soundproofing provides the solution

Various sound absorbers allow you to optimise the room acoustics in the office, which improves the quality of communication in particular. In addition, sound absorbers reduce noise by reducing reverberation and sound pressure levels.

Diversity for more peace and quiet in the office

Whether table stand, wall absorber or ceiling sail: With the numerous, visually appealing variants of our sound absorbers made of acoustic foam, we at aixFOAM support you specifically with sound insulation in your office.

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