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Acoustic measures in rooms and buildings

Good acoustics are particularly necessary in rooms and buildings where work is carried out. It creates the basis for the necessary calm and concentration, improves speech intelligibility, protects our hearing or prevents noise from reaching the outside. But also in the living area, good acoustics make a decisive contribution to well-being.

Acoustic defects often become noticeable during or even after the renovation of rooms and buildings and are manifested by excessive noise or by walls and ceilings that are very noisy. This is usually caused by a too light construction or outdated and missing insulation materials. As a result, the building acoustics are extremely poor, which seriously disturbs the well-being of the residents.

The size of the sound-reflecting surface and the construction of the walls and ceilings have the greatest impact on the acoustics of a building. Therefore, it is important to select the right acoustic materials for the application in accordance with the local conditions and to ensure the correct interplay of materials for sound proofing (What is soundproofing?) and acoustic treatment (What is acoustic treatment?).

We at aixFOAM have made it our task to support you with our high-quality acoustic foams and our professional advice - for ideal room acoustics that are tailored to your needs.

Below you will find some interesting and helpful topics about acoustic measures in rooms and buildings.

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