Places for communication
Working efficiently in offices
The modern service society is reflected by modified room structures in offices. Openness, flexibility of use, rest and relaxation rooms for creativity and constant teamwork are part of the everyday life. Communication clearly increases: Between colleagues, in teams, in meetings, on the phone with clients, in video conferences with different locations. These ways of communication require appropriate conditions - especially with regard to acoustics.
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  1. SH001
    Rectangular acoustic panels made of fine-pored acoustic foam
    • Surface: plane
    • Format 100 x 50 cm in various material thicknesses
    • Colour: anthracite, raspberry red, orange, light grey
    • Various fire protection classes
    • Application areas: noise reduction in offi...
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    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  2. SH006
    Sound absorbers in different colors
    • Acoustic core in anthracite with easy-care felt surface
    • Format 100 x 50 cm in various material thicknesses
    • available in 15 different colours
    • Different material thicknesses and fire protection classes
    • Flexibly applicable...
    starting at
    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  3. SH006Puzzle
    Sound absorber in an extraordinary puzzle look in different colors
    • Contoured cut puzzle pieces with textile surface made of acoustic felt
    • Puzzle size 56 x 50,5 cm
    • Available in 15 modern colors
    • Suitable for a variety of applications, such as sound insulat...
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    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  4. SH006Round
    Soundproofing Panel with Acoustic Felt Lamination
    • available as circle or ellipse
    • 14 different colours, from trendy and eye-catching to classic and discreet
    • deliverable in various material strengths and fire classifications
    • versatilely applicable, e.g. fo...
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    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  5. SH004
    Square sound absorbers with rounded edges
    • Rectangle with smooth surface and rounded edges
    • Format 50 x 50 cm in various material thicknesses
    • in anthracite, raspberry red, orange, light gray
    • e.g. for sound insulation in studios, offices, living rooms, H...
    starting at
    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
    Acoustic Fabric Trevira CS
    • Available in fire protection class DIN 4102 B1
    • Available in colors bordeaux, red, orange, dark blue, sky blue, beige or black
    • Suitable for stringing loudspeakers, for loudspeaker cover frames, visible panels of sound absorbers...
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    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  7. Even more choices?

    Higher fire protection, more design, printable elements and much more can be found in our ARCHITECT LINE.

  1. SH001HMH
    Highly effective sound absorbers made from thermoset acoustic foam
    • Rectangular acoustic plate with homogeneously porous surface
    • Extraordinary heat and / or flame resistance according to DIN4102 B1
    • Chemically resistant
    • Available in white gray and dark gra...
  2. SH010PLAIN
    Highly effective acoustic suspended units with cable system installation
    • Homogeneously porous surface, highly sound-absorbing
    • Dimensions100 cm x 48 cm
    • Available colors: dark gray, white gray
    • Especially heat and flame resistance, corresponds to fire prote...
  3. SH001 MH
    Highly effective sound absorbers made from duromere acoustic foam
    • Rectangular acoustic plates with homogeneously porous surface and high sound absorption
    • Exceptional heat and flame resistance according to fire protection class DIN4102 B1
    • Format 100 x 50...
  4. SH070
    aixFOAM Design Acoustic Tower "Cube/Circle"
    • Available in 9 colours
    • Dimension 48 cm x 48 cm, height2 metres
    • Flexibly adjustable e.g. In meeting rooms, foyers, meeting rooms, offices, large offices, call centers, foyers and lobbies
  5. SH040
    aixFOAM acoustic ceiling banner "Concave"
    • Available in 9 clours
    • Size 200 x 100 cm
    • Ideal for use e.g. In living areas, foyers, meeting rooms, large offices and call centers
  6. SH004 MH
    Square sound absorbers with rounded edges
    • Rectangular sound absorbers with homogeneously porous surface and high sound absorption
    • Exceptional heat and flame resistance according to fire protection class DIN4102 B1
    • Format 50 x 50 cm in various material t...
  7. SH010CIRCLE
    Highly effective sound absorber made of thermoset acoustic foam
    • Homogeneously porous surface, highly sound-absorbing
    • Available in dark gray and white gray
    • High heat and flame resistance according to fire protection class DIN4102 B1
    • Available in differen...
  8. SH001A MH
    Highly effective acoustic ceiling panels for standard grid ceilings
    • Homogeneously porous surface, high sound absorption
    • Available in white gray and dark gray
    • Square shape, side length 62 cm, height selectable: 4 cm, 5 cm, 8 cm or 10 cm
    • Extraordinary heat...
  9. Q-PANEL
    The art of silence
    Q-Panel Design Acoustic Elemen
    • curved metal surface
    • Acoustic core available in many colors
    • Dimension: 1020 mm × 520 mm × 90 mm
    • Flexible usage to improve room acoustics e.g. In offices, large offices, in reception halls
  10. Even more choices?

    Felt-laminated acoustic elements, classic acoustic foams and much more can be found in our CLASSIC LINE.

Noise protection solutions for offices

Please, check out a selection of our most popular soundproofing products for your office and conference room.

Soundproof office and conference room

  • We have more than 50 years of sound insulation expertise and offer perfect soundproofing solutions according to German standards.
  • For a modern and appealing room design combine our sound absorption panels in different colours, shapes and surfaces.
  • In order to achieve the result required we recommend to use e.g. our Acoustic Ceiling Panels or Design Absorption Panels with Textile Surface.
  • To be more flexible you can use our pendant systems or aluminium suspension cassettes.
  • If you have any questions we will be looking forward to your call or e-mail.

Office soundproofing is very important

Office work requires the employees' full concentration. However, noisy office equipment, discussions between colleagues or with customers, and other sources of noise can increase the sound pressure level in an office so much that employee efficiency is substantially reduced. For offices a limit of 55-70 decibels is recommended or even defined by law. Therefore, office noise reduction is an important issue. There are various appropriate sound proofing measures, so that industrial safety standards regarding noise levels and the health and safety at work act office (employment protection) are met.

Office sound insulation and noise protection measures

Office spaces tend to have long reverberation times, since their equipment is usually sound-reflecting. In open-plan offices, an additional high sound pressure level in the office results from the many different sources of noise. However, the acoustics can be considerably improved by specific soundproofing panels.

The most important elements to improve office acoustics and raise the sound insulation value include acoustic partitions, office soundproof boards, office acoustic walls, soundproof office walls, office soundproof ceiling panels. The possible forms, colours, installation types and technical characteristics of acoustic insulation materials are virtually limitless. There is an appropriate and unique solution for almost every office noise protection problem.

How to soundproof your office and conference room

Soundproofing measures like acoustic elements for desks catch the acoustic waves directly at the source, reduce them or stop them completely. Thus, an office's sound insulation value can also be lowered with the help of sound absorption elements like special partition walls, desk screens or ceiling panels. Office sound absorbers provide proper noise reduction for the office by both insulating and absorbing sounds. The absorbers reduce noise levels and reverberation times in office space.

Sound proof ceiling panels for effective noise reduction

An acoustic suspended ceiling (acoustic false ceiling or acoustic ceiling office) also reduces noise in the workplace and improves sound insulation in the office.
A further possibility is the use of acoustic sails which are available in various colours. The absorption core of these acoustic elements is covered with a special acoustic fabric. The fabric is washable and can easily be replaced. Thus, these acoustic sails can be flexibly integrated into all room designs.

Noise control in call centres

Acoustic systems for the office, like office acoustic wall panels, office acoustics partitions and office soundproofing can also be used for call centre sound proofing. Here, as in offices, noise control regulations must be observed. Furthermore, background noise during customer calls strikes customers as disrespectful, negatively affecting their willingness to buy. Appropriate call centre sound insulation is essential, so that no background noises meet the customers' ears when on the telephone.

Noise in call centres can be reduced by soundabsorbing desk screens that shield the workstations from one another, for example. Smooth acoustic elements, like e.g. absorption panels with special acoustic felt surface, can also be used as additional elements. They have a homogeneous surface and ensure a calm work environment and better sound insulation in the call centre. Acoustic elements for walls or ceilings absorb the sound, providing effective noise control in the call centre.

In addition, acoustic absorbers suspended above the workplace effectively reduce the sound pressure, which would otherwise circulate in the room. A suspended soundproofing ceiling can be attached to the ceiling directly over the workspace, thereby ensuring that noise doesn't develop in the first place. No more sounds that could disturb others penetrate the area. At the same time, the desk is protected against environmental noise. Soundproofing call centre with acoustic panels can reduce call centre noises by the same amount.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be glad to help you with your noise protection project.