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Sound insulation for your server room

  • Less noise from fans, processors or hard drives
  • Improved working conditions in adjacent rooms
  • Flame retardant sound absorbers for increased fire protection
  • Acoustic elements for use in grid ceilings and system floors
  • Sound insulation made individually for you with CNC technology

Here you can find out more about sound insulation in the server room.
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Sound insulation for the server room

Life has become unimaginable without them: Computers or servers support us in almost every task, both at work and in our free time. Despite all the advantages that modern computers give us, they can still become genuine noise makers.

Why are server rooms often loud?

Noise from fans, processors and other components

Computers, PCs and servers perform genuine wonders in the shortest time. In just a few seconds, they master complex enquiries and computation processes, but the devices can quickly achieve temperatures of up to 100°C when running at full load. In order to reduce the resulting dangers and to cool the hot running hard drives and processors, powerful fans and coolers are needed. The drawback of these components: They frequently generate disturbing noises. The light metal and plastic casings of the devices quickly start to vibrate as a result of the fans, which make themselves noticeable as unpleasant vibrations or humming. Together with the typical clattering of processors, hard drives or disk drives, this creates noise.
Fans on computers are often the cause of noise in the server room. Sound insulation ensures peace.
There is humming, pounding, whirring: Fans, disk drives, processors and hard drives on PCs, computers and servers all generate noise. Subsequent sound insulation in the server room ensures peace and quiet.

Noise in the server room

The hard materials typically used in server rooms, such as stone, glass or metal, frequently also amplify the operating noises of the equipment by reflecting the noise of the fans or processors. Without dampening, the noises get louder and generate a volume in the server room, which can strongly impair work in particular in neighbouring offices or other rooms. Subsequent sound insulation on walls, ceilings or in a system floor is the only way to reduce the sound level.

How does sound insulation work in the server room?

There are two approaches to reducing noise in the server room. On the one hand, the server room can be soundproofed, on the other hand, it is possible to insulate noisy devices individually.

Soundproofing / sound installation in the server room

Server rooms typically contain several computers or serves that generate noise and are mostly in use 24 hours a day. In this case, soundproofing the entire room makes sense.

Depending on the intensity of the noise, it may be sufficient to insulate just one wall of the server room, e.g. if the relevant wall direct abuts the room where the noise from the server room is transmitted.

In order to prevent sound waves from hitting the wall and being transmitted to neighbouring rooms, sound insulation mats should be fitted to the walls to absorb the sound. The material thickness of the absorber should be adapted to the noise of the devices. The more noise emanates from these, the greater the selected thickness of the sound insulation mats should be for effective sound absorption.

Many devices and the hard surfaces of the walls and ceilings cause the sound level in the server room to increase quickly. Sound insulation on the walls and ceilings of the server room ensure peace while they are running.
Subsequent sound insulation: Sound absorbers on walls and ceilings of the server room reduce noise.

Soundproofing individual computers and servers

In order to reduce noise in the server room, it sometimes makes sense to insulate individual devices. For this purpose, appropriate sound insulation mats can be built into the computer or housings can be built around the devices. You can find suitable sound absorbers in our product category Computer / PC.
Schallschutz am PC/ Computer
Often individual devices are responsible for the noise, and soundproofing the computer is a good option for reducing the sound pressure level. You will also find suitable absorbers for sound insulation on the PC in our appropriate product category.

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In any case, any applicable fire protection provisions must be observed when selecting the absorbers, e.g. fire protection class DIN 4102 B1, which typically applies to public buildings. Generally, it is recommended that sound proofing mats with flame retardant properties are used on components with strong heat development. All the details about the heat and flame resistance of our aixFOAM sound absorbers can be found on the respective product pages.

Why is aixFOAM the best solution for sound insulation for your server room?

As manufacturer of high quality acoustic foam sound absorbers, we know how important but also challenging the subject of the sound insulation is for the IT area. Firstly, the noise from the devices should be minimised, secondly the performance of the sensitive technology should not suffer from the noise insulation. We have therefore developed sound absorbers, which meet these high requirements.
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As a result of 60 years' experience and constant optimisations of our acoustic foams, we have succeeded in developing effective and flexible sound insulation elements, which are ideal for use in server rooms. They reduce noise and are available in various fire safety classes and material thicknesses. Choose your favourites from several surface laminations or profiles. Thanks to various installation options, such as the practical self-adhesive kit, the sound absorbers can be installed particularly easily.

Now it's your turn: Get the right sound insulation for your server room!

Now choose the sound insulation you need from our aixFOAM products for use in the server room or use our free advice service. Our experts will support you with your projects and help you find the optimum solution for your requirements.
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