aixFOAM and Basotect - two strong brands

aixFOAM and Basotect - Two strong brands

As a manufacturer with over 60 years of experience, we know that the selection of suitable sound absorbers is quite difficult and depends on a variety of factors. Of course, this raises a lot of questions, which are also hotly debated in various internet forums and social media groups.

One recurring question is: “What is the difference between aixFOAM and Basotect?”

Unfortunately, the first problem lies in the wording of the question, which makes it almost impossible to give a clear answer to. In this article, we explain why this is the case and what you should actually be paying attention to when selecting your sound absorbers.

From apples and pears...

aixFOAM is the brand of a manufacturer that produces many different sound absorbers from different materials. Basotect® on the other hand, is a brand name of a very particular material used in the production of sound absorbers.

Therefore, comparing aixFOAM and Basotect is like asking what’s the difference between the entire VW brand and the BMW Series 1, which is of course a single vehicle model from another manufacturer. You simply can’t compare the two directly.

How can you distinguish aixFOAM sound absorbers from other sound absorbers made of Basotect?

As already mentioned, we at aixFOAM offer many sound absorbers made of different materials. These materials can essentially be divided into two subgroups. These include on the one hand absorbers made of polyurethane (PUR foams) and on the other hand absorbers made of duromer acoustic foam – Basotect is also one of the latter!

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PUR-E, PUR-ES, duromer acoustic foam

What are the differences between acoustic foams?

Learn more about the properties and differences of the different acoustic materials for the production of our aixFOAM sound absorbers in our aixFOAM Knowledge Base article.
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aixFOAM sound absorber made of PUR acoustic foam

The basic products from the aixFOAM “Classic Line” such as the aixFOAM egg crate foam or the popular aixFOAM sound absorber with a flat surface can be made of PUR-E or PUR-ES, depending on the desired colour and fire protection properties – i.e. from polyurethane foams. They feature the characteristic “glittering” open pore structure, are relatively elastic and available in the standard colours anthracite, light grey, orange, raspberry red or with a surface made of acoustic felt fabric. They are more robust and resistant to dirt than duromer sound absorbers. They are reliable sound absorbers and available up to fire protection class DIN 4102 B2 through the addition various fire protection additives..

aixFOAM sound absorber made of duromer acoustic foam and Basotect

Our “Architect Line” and “Engineer Line” on the other hand feature sound absorbers made of duromer acoustic foam, such as planar duromer sound absorbers or egg crate duromer foam. Sound absorbers made of this material have a very homogeneous, fine-cell edging surface and are available in the colours white grey and/or dark grey. aixFOAM absorbers made of duromer acoustic foam are particularly light, have higher sound absorption values compared to the PUR foam products and are comparable to the usual sound absorbers made of Basotect.

So if you appreciate the advantages of duromer sound absorbers as a material, but would like to trust in the proven quality and experience of aixFOAM for your sound absorbers, then Architect / Engineer Line aixFOAM absorbers are the ideal choice.

Quality is the key!

Always ensure your sound absorbers undergo high-quality manufacturing processes. If the manufacturing process is faulty, even the “best” material is of no use. That is why at aixFOAM we have continuously optimised the manufacturing processes of our absorbers over the years, so that we can always offer you high-quality acoustic elements in tested and certified quality.

Regardless of whether you ultimately choose an aixFOAM sound absorber made of PUR foam, duromer acoustic foam or a completely different product made of Basotect: Each material has its individual strengths and advantages. So it's best not to ask yourself which material is supposed to be better, but which one suits you and your acoustic project best.

Choose your absorbers so that they meet your needs and requirements, such as the applicable fire protection regulations. This allows you to avoid unnecessary high costs and annoying bad purchases.

We have compiled the most important properties of the respective products for you on the article pages of our aixFOAM absorbers. Stay on the safe side when selecting your sound absorber, and take advantage of our free and non-binding sound advice. Our aixFOAM consultants will be happy to help you find the right product for your application.


A direct comparison between aixFOAM and Basotect is not possible at all, because aixFOAM is a manufacturing company that produces many different sound absorbers from different materials and Basotect is the brand name of a special material for the production of sound absorbers.

PUR acoustic foam or duromer acoustic foam

In general, sound absorbers can be made from polyurethane (PUR) or from duromer acoustic foams such as Basotect. Both types of material have advantages and strengths and should be selected according to individual needs.

High-quality material in proven quality

If you value Basotect as a material, but do not want to do without the proven aixFOAM quality in the manufacture of your sound absorbers, then aixFOAM sound absorbers made of duromer foam are the best choice. You can find the products in the “Architect Line” or the “Engineer Line” in the aixFOAM shop.

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