Sound insulation for sound studio and rehearsal room

Better acoustics for professionals at the instrument and the mixing desk

  • Enhanced acoustics for clear sound
  • Precise bass reproduction without flatter echoes, bass booms or bass humming
  • Sound absorbers for low, medium and high ranges
  • Attractive designs in various colours and shapes
  • Quick delivery and easy installation, ideal for retrofitting

This is where you can find out more about sound insulation in the sound studio and rehearsal room.
Application pictures of aixFOAM sound absorbers in rehearsal room & recording studio

Sound insulation for rehearsal room and recording studio

This is where you can find pictures of our aixFOAM sound absorbers in rehearsal room and recording studio!

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Sound dampening and sound insulation in the sound studio and rehearsal room

What are the challenges for sound insulation in the sound studio or rehearsal room?

A reliable sound insulation and good acoustics without disturbing noises, flatter echoes or overlying frequencies are a must for perfect recordings in the sound studio.

In general, there are two challenges related to sound insulation for recording studios, which are critical for a precise, professional sound: Firstly, the insulating sound from the outside, or insulating noise inside, and secondly improving acoustics in the studio.

For a professional recording, perfection at the right moment is demanded – without disturbing noise. Sound insulation / sound dampening helps to improve acoustics in the sound studio and to prevent unwanted noises.
A mixing desk in a recording studio for sound recordings

How do sound dampening and noise dampening succeed in the sound studio?

For sound dampening or even sound insulation for sound studios and rehearsal rooms, the important thing is to prevent noise from entering the room and disrupting the sensitive sound recordings. In addition, noises should not escape from the studio and thus become an issue for the neighbours.
A young lady holds her ears in order to protect herself from noise in the sound studio.
In order to prevent music noises escaping and disturbing noises entering, good sound dampening / sound insulation is critical in the sound studio and rehearsal room.

Heavy weights against noise

In order to prevent walls, floors and ceilings vibrating as a result of the sound, and thus emitting noise into the surroundings, the mass of these elements should be increased by installing sound insulation. This reduces material vibrations and prevents sound propagation.

Profiled sound insulation mats such as nubbed foam or pyramid foam are not suitable for this form of sound absorption because of their low mass. We therefore recommend using acoustic elements with a high material density, e.g. acoustic heavy form, heavy acoustic foil or, ideally, a combination of both acoustic elements.

Decoupling from sound conductors

Another very effective possibility for preventing the transmission of structure-borne sound through walls and ceilings is decoupling using so-called room-in-room concepts. Partition walls are placed in front of the walls of the room. This creates an air cushion between the two walls, which already weakens the noise level. The space should be filled with sound absorbers in order to completely block the sound. We recommend sound insulation elements here with a high density (heavy acoustic foil, heavy acoustic foam) or sound absorbers with a flat surface with the largest possible thickness. The floor of the sound studio should also be "floating" so that sound transmission is prevented.

How can the acoustics in the sound studio be improved with sound insulation?

To improve the sound in the sound studio or rehearsal room, the sound in the room has to be dampened selectively. Acoustic foam sound absorbers are particularly well suited for this. The open-pore foam allows the sound to penetrate deep into it and absorbs it. As a result, unwanted reverberation is reduced and the overlying of frequencies is prevented.

The stronger (thicker) the material of the absorber or insulation panel, the lower the frequencies that can be dampened. Bass absorbers or bass traps are therefore typically particularly thick.

Acoustic foam bass absorbers/ bass traps ensure a clear, precise bass sound in your sound studio, rehearsal room, HiFi studio or music room. aixFOAM low tone absorbers are an optimum addition to the broadband absorbers on walls and ceilings.
A selection of various bass absorbers and bas traps for use in the sound studio and rehearsal room
The first step towards sound dampening in the sound studio is typically to install sound insulation panels as broadband absorbers on walls and ceilings. This prevents sound reflection and reduces reverberation times.

Improve sound with surface profiles

Foams with surface profiles, such as the classic nubbed foam or pyramid foam not only absorb unwanted frequencies but also disperse the sound. As a result, the composition and quality of the reverberation is changed, creating a more pleasant and very natural sound.
Sound insulation mats with different profiles and colours for sound absorption in the sound studio
Sound absorbers with surface profiles such as nubbed foam or pyramid foam improve the acoustics in the sound studio and as broadband absorbers ensure a precise and natural sound.

Step by step to the perfect acoustics in the sound studio or rehearsal room

In general it is recommended to proceed gradually with sound dampening in the sound studio. If sound absorbers are arranged over too large an area, this quickly leads to "over dampening" and an unnatural sound. Mostly it is sufficient to cover 20 – 30% of the wall and ceiling area with acoustic elements. This improves the sound and at the same time is less expensive.

What has to be considered when sound dampening drums in the sound studio or rehearsal room?

Sound dampening of drums in the rehearsal room or sound studio represents a challenge because a particularly large amount of structure-borne sound is generated when playing them, which is transferred into the floor. It is therefore advisable to decouple the drums from the floor. This is succeeded best by placing the drums on a small riser. Like the walls and ceilings, the platform should also be filled with heavy acoustic foam or heavy acoustic foil and be covered with a "floating" wooden panel. This blocks sound transmission. In addition, we recommend placing suspended acoustic elements above the drums. The aixFOAM sound absorbers in aluminium hanging cassettes or ceiling sails are particularly good for this.
When dampening drums, sound insulation made from acoustic foam helps to reduce structure-borne sound and unwanted vibrations. This improves the sound of recordings in the sound studio or rehearsal room.
A drum in the rehearsal room has to be dampened.

aixFOAM impresses with its brand quality – Sound studio sound insulation "Made in Germany"

As a manufacturer of high-quality acoustic foam sound insulation elements, we at aixFOAM know how important but also challenging the subject of the sound insulation is for the sound studio. The sensitive microphones pick up every sound – disturbing noise loses nothing here! In our online shop you can choose the right solution for optimum studio acoustics from various sound absorbers or get free advice from our experts.
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Thanks to 60 years of experience and constant optimisation of our high-quality acoustic foams, we have succeeded in developing flexible and simultaneously stylish sound insulation elements with high absorption coefficients. aixFOAM sound absorbers reduce noise, improve the sound and are available in various fire protection classes and material thicknesses. Choose your favourites from several colours and surfaces. Different installation options, such as our self-adhesive kit, make installing the sound absorbers easier or like out hanging cassettes provide visual highlights.

Now it's your turn: Get the perfect sound in your sound studio or your rehearsal room!

Now select your sound insulation from our aixFOAM products for sound studio and rehearsal room or use our free advice service. Our experts will support you with your projects in order to find the right solution for your requirements.
Free acoustic advice from aixFOAM

The aixFOAM technical planners can be contacted by telephone or email.

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aixFOAM Sound absorbers for recording studio, music room and rehearsal room

This is where you can find sound insulation for use in the sound studio and rehearsal room.

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Soundproofing applications in the sound studio & rehearsal room
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Customer feedback:
»Very good service, top advice and quick delivery. The sound absorbers are ideal in my studio and have considerably improved the room's sound.«
»The delivered goods were used for absorbing the sound of a musical instrument (keyboard), as decoupling between two residential floors. They work perfectly.«
»Thanks to aixFOAM sound absorbers we not have harmonious acoustics in the sound studio.«
»We have fitted our rehearsal room with aixFOAM sound insulation in various customers so that we can make music at any time without disruption. We are absolutely excited!«
»I chose aixFOAM as the sound insulation in my sound studio's singing booth. Delivery was quick, as was installation. Clear recommendation to buy!«
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