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Polyether, Polyester, duromer acoustic foam

Many acoustic foams users have to decide on this question before making a new purchase. Unfortunately, it cannot usually be answered in the hardware store. Our acoustic experts from aixFOAM customer service have prepared a detailed answer for you. aixFOAM offers sound absorbers consisting of high-quality acoustic foams in all categories. Together with you we will find the perfect solution for your application.

In general, aixFOAM acoustic foams consist of polyurethane (PUR foams) or duromer acoustic foam. Their characteristics:

PUR-E - acoustic foams PUR-ES - acoustic foams Duromer acoustic foams
PUR foam (polyurethane), Polyether PUR foam (polyurethane), Polyester Duromer foam
Soft grip Firm grip Very firm grip
very elastic, less dimensionally stable Greater dimensional stability Very high dimensional stability
Fine, open-pored structure Coarse, open-pore structure
More uniform pore structure than with polyether acoustic foams
Considerably more homogeneous pore structure
Very fine and open-celled pore structure
different fire protection classes
through addition of
flame retardants
different fire protection classes
through addition of
flame retardants
Flame retardant without additional flame retardants - use in elevated fire protection conditions
Environmental friendliness Environmental friendliness Environmental friendliness (Öko-Tex Standard 100)
Due to their coarser pore structure, they have a higher degree of absorption than
polyether products
Due to their coarser pore structure, they have a higher degree of absorption than polyether products, comparable to polyester
Colour variations possible Colour variations possible UV-resistant
Chemical resistance
Low density and yet very high absorption capacity (frequency-dependent)

aixFOAM PUR-ES-based acoustic foams have a specially acoustically modified pore structure that meets our high quality standards. Our years of experience make all the difference between ours and the many other foams, which are often referred to dubiously as “acoustic foam”. Get a feel for the high quality of aixFOAM absorbers.

Please note: Our custom-made foam products are available in PUR-ES, polyether or duromer foam, combinations are also possible. If you would like to combine PUR-E and PUR-ES-based acoustic foams, please note that due to the different material, both products have slightly different colours (PUR-ES is usually a little darker than PUR-E).

The production of aixFOAM acoustic foam involves highly complex foaming processes.

All open-cell acoustic foams are characterised by the fact that they require different pore sizes (fine-pored, heterogeneous structure) in order to achieve effective sound absorption.

Since the pores have different shapes and sizes, light reflections can cause colour fluctuations depending on the viewing angle.

Structure-related pores (so-called voids) of different sizes can occur in all thermoset foams. This is not a quality issue and does not affect the acoustic properties.

If you have any further questions, please contact us. Or take a look at our products. To do this, select the appropriate application area above to match your requirements.

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