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Soundproofing for music rooms

It is the dream of every music lover: A large music system and a room that perfectly enhances the sound of your favourite pieces. But musicians themselves also desire a suitable room to pluck strings and hit keys – without disturbing the neighbours. When setting up a music room, there are usually two crucial questions:

  • How do I achieve the perfect sound without unwanted reverb or excessive bass?
  • How can I reliably soundproof the room to avoid noise leaking into adjoining rooms?

As experienced experts in foam acoustic elements, we at aixFOAM know what soundproofing and acoustic treatment in music rooms are all about and have collected some interesting facts for you below.

Sound attenuation for better sound

First, let's consider improving the acoustics and sound in the room. With sound quality, the fundamental problem is that sound reverberates off of the smooth surfaces of the walls. This allows the sound waves in space to overlap and creates distortion. In order to reduce the reverberation time and reverberation itself, it is necessary to dampen the sound in the music room. As a result, the sound or only certain (disturbing) frequency ranges are partially absorbed. This contributes to an improvement in room acoustics.

Foam - high performance reverb and noise suppression

For acoustic treatment, it is recommended to use acoustic elements made of special foam. Due to its porous surface, acoustic foam has excellent properties that specifically improve sound. Due to the special requirements for use in music rooms, it makes sense to combine several types of sound absorber. In particular, the popular combination of bass absorbers (e.g. aixFOAM BASSIC) and broadband absorbers (e.g. aixFOAM FELT, aixFOAM ROWS) ensures excellent acoustics. However, the following must be observed: The more sound being attenuated, the more comprehensive coverage with foam acoustic elements should be made.

Acoustic foam with pyramid surface
Acoustic foam with pyramid surface

Acoustic pyramid foam with solid base

Simply the best in sound suppression: Discover the GIZA, one of the most popular aixFOAM acoustic foams for sound insulation for your music or hi-fi room, or home theatre.
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In order to achieve an efficient shortening of reverberation, 20% – 30% of the wall surfaces, i.e. the sum of all smooth wall, ceiling and floor surfaces, should be covered with sound absorbers. The thickness of the chosen material also plays a decisive role. The thicker the texture of the acoustic foam, the more sound can be absorbed. In order to achieve the highest possible effect, it is not recommended to go below a material thickness of 60 millimetres.

Sound meets design

Sound absorbers made of acoustic foam not only enhance music rooms acoustically, but also visually, as they are usually placed visibly in the room. Foam can be easily machined as a raw material and thus profiled in the surface. This creates interesting structures such as acoustic elements with pyramid or triangular profile as well as the well-known bump foam. These high-profile acoustic foams give the room an impressive touch, especially in combination.

Design diversity can be achieved by alternating the arrangement of light, dark or panels in different colours. This eliminates the often barren rehearsal room character and allows a visually appealing music room to be designed. Our aixFOAM sound absorbers are available in different colours. Music room design is also influenced by the installation and arrangement of the sound absorbers. For example, installing the foam elements with a shadow gap, i.e. a small separation between the individual panels, and coordinating them with the wall colour behind, allows remarkable spatial compositions to be realised.

Our anodised aluminium suspension cassettes are a popular extra for the aixFOAM sound absorbers. These are designed for horizontal, vertical and floating installation and are much more than just an optical refinement. When combined with special vibration plugs or the aixFOAM suspension system, they create a positive effect as resonators (vibrating bodies) and can additionally increase the absorption level of the acoustic panels.

If the absorbers are not meant to be visible, covering the wall with fabric is recommended. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between our acoustic fabrics, which are canvas-binding and monochrome, and conventional wallpaper. They are stretched over the sound absorbers using a wooden frame and can be perfectly integrated into any room. In this way, they create a comfortable room ambience.

Soundproofing music rooms to prevent sound leakage

Measures for acoustic treatment in music rooms have little effect in preventing sound leakage to the outside. In order to ensure effective soundproofing, targeted steps must be taken.

Implementing soundproofing is much more complex in contrast to acoustic treatment. The main problem is low frequency bass. This is difficult to insulate against compared to higher tones. Everyone is familiar with bass rumbling coming from a neighbouring apartment.

This is how effective soundproofing is achieved

In order to soundproof a music room, we advise a full coverage or room-in-room concept. This requires installation of a drywall in front of each actual wall made of plasterboard and filled with acoustic heavy foam (e.g. aixFOAM SH007). This design sufficiently decouples sound and prevents (structure-borne) noise from being transmitted through the walls of the building. This prevents the occurrence of sound bridges as well as noise from being passed on to neighbouring rooms.

Soundproofing construction measures are relatively difficult and can be particularly demanding when installing a floating ceiling using dowels. Therefore, pay particular attention to occupational safety requirements or, if necessary, hire professional trade support.

Sound absorbers for improved acoustics in home theaters, hi-fi studios or music rooms
Optimum sound for the home

aixFOAM sound absorbers improve the acoustics and bring listening pleasure to your home cinema, Hi-Fi studio or music room.

Here you will find sound insulation, especially for use in your home cinema, music or hi-fi room as well as pictures of our customers as inspiration. aixFOAM sound absorbers improve the room acoustics and ensure clear sound without flutter echoes, bass boom or reverberation.
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The acoustic experts at your side

Let us support you in selecting suitable materials - according to your requirements - for soundproofing or acoustic treatment of your music room in our aixFOAM shop or with a free consultation via our service hotline. In addition, we will help you to find the right product to meet the applicable fire protection regulations for your construction project. Therefore, if necessary, find out in advance about the fire protection regulations for your construction measure. Thanks to our high-quality acoustic foams you’ll soon enjoying the highest quality audio in your own home - all with the highest level of customer service.

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