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Our sound absorbers improve the acoustics and bring listening pleasure to your home cinema, HiFi studio or music room.

  • Improved sound for a clear sound – including that goose-bump feeling
  • Precise bass reproduction without flatter echoes, bass booms or bass humming
  • Sound absorbers for low, medium and high ranges
  • Attractive designs in various colours and shapes
  • Quick delivery and easy assembly

Here can find out more about soundproofing and sound insulation in the home cinema and HiFi studio.
Application pictures of the aixFOAM sound absorbers in the home cinema, hi-fi studio & music room

Strong sound for home cinema and hi-fi studio

This is where you can find customer pictures of the aixFOAM sound absorbers in home cinema, hi-fi studio & music room!

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Square aixFOAM sound absorber SH004 for your home cinema

Our bestseller for top acoustics in home cinema

In various colours and as a premium absorber with sound insulation and Fire Protection Plus!

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aixFOAM premium sound absorber with fire protection class DIN 4102 B1

The most effective soundproofing ever

Our aixFOAM Premium absorbers with Fire Protection Plus allow you to redefine soundproofing.

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Buy aixFOAM bass absorbers

Low frequencies firmly under control

Discover our all-rounder absorber against bad bass sound - for the best sound, without compromise.

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Sound insulation with the aixFOAM acoustic frames

The right frame for your acoustics

Effective sound insulation as beautiful and flexible as never before - with aixFOAM acoustic frames

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Buy aixFOAM home cinema curtain

Curtain up for big cinema!

Our electric curtain motor - optionally with a stylish wave curtain in 17 different colours!

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Reference aixFOAM Hifi-Journal

„aixFOAM totally convinced me as a HiFi editor and music lover! Meetings and music rehearsals are more fun and less strenuous thanks to the better, clearer acoustics.“

Portrait Fengler HiFi-JournalMatthias Fengler, Deputy Editor in ChiefLogo Hifi-Journal

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Reference aixFOAM Holzhandwerk Harres

„Wood and aixFOAM sound absorbers - for me the best combination for building an effective and stylish acoustic panel.“

aixFOAM Kollaboration zum Bau eines AkustikrahmensSergej Harres, Holzhandwerk Harres
Craftsmen & Designer

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Sound insulation and soundproofing in the home cinema and HiFi studio

Film fans and music lovers know and love the moment when the first tone sounds in the home cinema or HiFi room. One thing is critical here now – The perfect sound! However, the high quality speakers and expensive HiFi or sound system are frequently disappointing after they have been erected. Why is their sound not as good as expected, but instead only produce a muddy, humming sound?

The reason is the poor room acoustics in the home cinema or music room, which can be improved by using sound insulation. However, a distinction has to be made here between the insulating of sound from the outside and soundproofing in order to improve the acoustics in a room.

The film experience in the home cinema becomes a pleasure thanks to sound insulation. Sound absorbers help improve the acoustics in the room and achieve the full effect of the sound from the sound system or HiFi system.
A couple enjoys a film in their home cinema thanks to sound insulation.

How does the soundproofing or sound insulation work in the home cinema?

When the tension in the film reaches its climax, a powerful sound rounds off the sound entertainment. However, out of consideration for the neighbours, the family or other residents, targeted sound insulation measures should be taken. The point of soundproofing or sound insulation in the home cinema above all is to prevent the transfer of noise to the outside.

Heavyweights stop noise in the home cinema

If the sound pressure level increases, ceilings and walls in the home cinema start to vibrate and transfer noise to adjacent rooms. To prevent this, it is necessary to strengthen the material of these construction elements. This is only successful with a decent mass. Sound insulation mats with a profiled surface, such as pyramid foam or nubbed foam are flyweights and therefore are not recommended.

Acoustic elements with a high material density, such as heavy acoustic foam, heavy acoustic foil, or a combination of both absorbers are ideal for strengthening walls and ceilings and for blocking sound transmission.

Room-in-room concepts prevent sound transmission

To prevent the transfer of structure-borne sound and to reduce noise as much as possible, we recommend using so-called room-in-room solutions. For this, a second wall – for example made from drywall – is placed in front of the room's actual wall. The space between these walls should then be filled with sound absorbers. Sound insulation elements with a high intrinsic weight (heavy acoustic foil, heavy foam) or sound absorbers with a smooth surface and a strong thickness are ideal here. The thicker the material of the selected absorber, the more sound that is swallowed and absorbed. Cladding the wall construction with acoustic material completes the cinema-look and ensures an elegant ambience.

A "floating" floor is recommended for decoupling in order to prevent noise transmission. Windows and doors can also be subsequently insulated. More information about this can be found in our aixFOAM knowledge area (German).

This is the way to our aixFOAM knwoledge area (German).

Without soundproofing: A woman is annoyed by the noise from her neighbours' home cinema.
Sound insulation or soundproofing of walls and ceilings in the home cinema prevents arguments with the neighbours – for undisturbed film enjoyment.

How can sound insulation improve poor room acoustics in a home cinema or music room?

To improve the acoustics in the room, various sound absorbers are used to dampen the sound. As a result, bass humming or flatter echoes are prevented and the system and the speakers can realise their full sound potential.

Sound absorbers for problems with high frequencies and flatter echoes

Shrill-sounding highs or flatter echoes, which are created by long reverberation times and unwanted sound reflections, should be dampened with absorbers made from acoustic foam. Profiled sound absorbers such as the traditional nubbed foam or pyramid foam can be fitted as broadband absorbers on walls and ceilings in the room. They absorb disruptive frequencies and reduce reverberation. The profiled surface disperses the sound as well and ensures a natural sound.

Typically, covering 20 – 30% of the wall or ceiling surface with absorbers is sufficient. They should be fitted gradually in order to prevent "over dampening" and an unnatural sound in the room.

Sound absorbers such as nubbed foam on the walls of the home cinema as broadband absorbers reduce reverberation and remove flatter echoes – for the perfect film sound.
Nubbed foam on the walls of the home cinema as sound insulation

Bass absorbers for problems with bass booms or bass humming

In order to dampen low frequencies and bases, so-called bass traps or absorbers made from thick foam are used. Alongside panel absorbers, bass absorbers or even low tone absorbers are particularly effective. They are pyramid-shaped and should be placed in the corners, with the points facing the room. This installation is also why they are called corner or edge absorbers.

Why are sound absorbers from aixFOAM the best choice for sound insulation in the home cinema or HiFi studio?

For perfect sound in the home cinema or HiFi studio, you need a professional partner in the field of sound dampening. We at aixFOAM have been making high quality sound insulation "Made in Germany" for 60 years and know which factors are critical for good room acoustics. Through constant further development of our sound absorbers we have succeeded in creating products with high absorption coefficients and attractive designs.
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aixFOAM sound absorbers reduce noise, improve the sound and are available in various colours and material thicknesses. Choose your favourites from multiple surface profiles or fire protection classes and order your sound insulation conveniently online. Innovative installation options such as aluminium cassettes and suspension systems for wall and ceiling not only improve the acoustics as design objects they add to the look of your home cinema or HiFi studio. Upon request, you will receive our sound insulation mats with practical self-adhesive kit as well for installation as easy as child's play and for the perfect hold.

Now it's your turn: Get the optimum sound in your home cinema, music room or HiFi studio!

In our online shop you can choose the right products for sound dampening and sound insulation for your home cinema or get advice from our expect planners free of charge. We at aixFOAM know that every acoustic project is unique ad will help you to find the optimum sound insulation for your application.
Free acoustic advice from aixFOAM

The aixFOAM technical planners can be contacted by telephone or email.

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aixFOAM Sound absorber for home cinema and hi-fi studio

This is where you can find sound insulation products for optimum sound in the home cinema, HiFi studio or music room.

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This is where you will find pictures from our customers of their sound insulation in the home cinema, music room or HiFi studio.

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