1. Absorption Panel - SH0011 - Plane
    Art.nr. SH0011
    Flexible flat sound insulation mats
    • Rectangular plate with flat surface
    • Breitbandabsorber
    • Colour: anthracite
    • Suitable for sound absorption. In the fields of mechanical engineering, vehicle construction, machine housings
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    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  2. Absorption Panel - SH0021 - Convoluted Foam
    Art.nr. SH0021
    Acoustic convoluted foam for industrial sound protection
    • Industry standard for noise reducing foam
    • Rectangular plate with convoluted profile ("egg crate pattern")
    • Colour: anthracite
    • Versatile, e.g. For machine housings, motors, electronic devices, compre...
    starting at
    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  3. Heavy foam absorption panel - SH0081 - with surface foil
    Art.nr. SH0081
    Heavy foam - absorption panel with surface lamination
    • Rectangular acoustic plate with silvery smooth surface
    • Oil resistant membrane
    • Multicolored absorption core
    • Suitable for a wide variety of applications, e.g. Engine enclosures, ventilation ducts, boat ...
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    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  4. Absorption Panel - SH014 - Micro PerforationAbsorption Panel - SH014 - Micro Perforation
    Art.nr. SH014
    Highly robust acoustic foam with perforated artificial leather surface
    • Rectangular absorption panel with perforated artificial leather surface
    • Insensitive, washable broadband absorber for technical acoustics
    • Suitable for machine housings, motor insulati...
    starting at
    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  5. Absorption Foam - SH0061 - Felt Lamination
    Art.nr. SH0061
    Absorption foam with acoustic felt lamination
    • Rectangular acoustic panel with robust textile surface lamination
    • Textile color black / absorption foam in anthracite
    • Suitable for use e.g. In mechanical engineering, for claddings, cabins, engine rooms, tri...
    starting at
    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  6. Acoustic Heavy Foil - SH0131
    Art.nr. SH0131
    Highly effective acoustic foil for body sound insulation
    • Rectangular acoustic plates with self-adhesive back
    • Ideal for minimizing material vibrations
    • Flexibly applicable in technical fields of application, e.g. Car body and vehicle construction, mechani...
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    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  7. Heavy Foam Absorption Panels - SH0071
    Art.nr. SH0071
    Heavy Foam Absorption Panel
    • Rectangular plate with flat surface
    • Multicolored gray foam
    • For various fields of application, e.g. Machine housing, insulation of motors, engine rooms, machine insulation
    starting at
    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  1. Acoustic foam with flat surface (SH0011 MH)
    Art.nr. SH0011 MH
    Highly effective sound insulation with duromere acoustic foam
    • Rectangular plate with homogeneously porous surface
    • Extraordinary heat and / or flame resistance according to DIN4102 B1
    • Chemically resistant
    • Available in white gray and dark gray
    • gSuitable for...
  2. Convoluted foam sound insulation (SH0021 MH)
    Art.nr. SH0021 MH
    Highly effective convoluted foam made from duromere acoustic foam
    • Rectangular acoustic plate with homogeneously porous surface with knurled profile
    • Exceptional heat and flammability according to fire protection class DIN4102 B1
    • Chemically resistant
    • Avail...
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Soundproofing in vehicle construction

More fun with better acoustics - Please, check out our high-quality sound insulation products.

Useful information

  • Our various highly efficient sound absorption systems can be used for nearly any kind of vehicle, e.g. to insulate the acoustic noise of vehicle doors and roofs or to reduce the noise of engines and gear units in utility vehicles.
  • Our Heavy Foam Absorption Panel with surface foil are particularly suitable for sound insulation in vehicles.
  • To achieve an effective noise suppression result we recommend to directly order the absorber panels together with our Heavy Foam Absorption Panels.
  • If you have any questions, we will be looking forward to hearing from you.

The roar of large sheet metal in constructions is a widespread problem for the soundproofing in vehicle construction. Understructures, doors, the roof and other sheet metal surfaces are inclined to vibrate, thereby requiring adequate sound insulation in the automobile. An attachment of additional braces is hardly possible, so only a thickening of the materials remains as a solution for sound insulation in a vehicle and the sound insulation for motor vehicles.
Sound is produced in the car in two ways. First, an airborne sound can occur-from airflow, for example-and second, the sheet metal parts are made to vibrate, thereby producing noise. In order to counteract the vibrations in the sheet metal and improve the sound insulation in a car and sound insulation for cars it is necessary to increase the sheet metal's area density. aixFOAM offers a special anti-noise foil for this purpose, which can be handled quickly and easily thanks to its self-adhesive back.
Membrane absorbers can be inserted in the passenger car for sound insulation against the airborne noise. A special film coating rejects spraying liquids from its sound-absorbing core, but simultaneously ensures that the sound will still reach and be absorbed by the absorber. Provided with self-adhesive equipment, and available in ready-made sizes, bonnet sound pads can be attached to the bonnet in order to quiet the car.
A combination of acoustic heavy car audio insulation foam, car HIFI sound absorbers and acoustic heavy foil is often used for soundproofing cars and for the sound insulation of the base plate or soundproof the car's HI-FI, which reduces body and airborne sounds, and therefore is optimally usable as a sound absorber in the acoustic board of the car HIFI area. Likewise, sound proofing panels improve the noise levels of the Car HIFI system. How to soundproof a classic car? These acoustic products are also ideally suitable for floor isolation when soundproofing classic cars, since the carpet and acoustic panels in these vehicles are often separated, offering more clearance for the processing.
For engine bay insulation , heavy foam with a metallic surface lamination is predominantly used. Products for sound insulation in the vehicle comply with the usual automotive fire class FMVSS 302, but should still allow enough distance to the engine. Installing a soundproofing panel in the exhaust and inlet manifolds area of the car is not recommended.

Sound proofing utility vehicle

Agricultural machinery produce significant noise levels, due to their size. In addition to the noise level of engines and transmissions, vibrations also make sufficient soundproofing of tractors necessary. Acoustic foam with surface lamination is especially suited for sound insulation pads for agricultural machinery soundproofing, since it is resistant to the great amount of dirt in agrarian environments.
aixFOAM acoustic foams with acoustic felt lamination or soundproofing pads with micro perforation are effective for drivers cab's insulation. These offer visual as well as technical advantages. They are also washable, which makes them ideal for soundproofing a truck, since the driver's cab often doubles as a living room.
aixFOAM also has the right solutions for the sound proofing of tin roofs and in the areas of soundproofing special vehicles and their construction, building machines, soundproofing for trailer and construction, sound proofing cars, rail car insulation and for soundproofing bus (sound deadening for sheet metal).

How campervan insulation and soundproofing functions

How to insulate a campervan? Sufficient camper van soundproofing is necessary for several reasons. Apart from the vibration noises mentioned already, and airborne sounds, camper van soundproofing is meant to block out unwanted outside noises. Rain or hail rattling on the roof can get on one's last nerve and spoil everyone's mood on a vacation, if the caravan insulation and the caravan sound insulation is poor.
Self-adhesive acoustic foams offer the possibility of equipping a loud sheet metal roof with sound insulation, thus quieting the caravan. Thanks to modern CNC cutting and shaping machines, aixFOAM products can be precisely formed and perfectly adapted for caravan soundproofing in every vehicle.
How to soundproof a caravan? The weight of the caravan requires a high performance from the engine. If the passenger space is insufficiently insulated, unpleasant noise makes travelling uncomfortable. It can also be necessary here to insulate the campervan accordingly. Subsequently installed caravan insulation boards from acoustic foam also provide a remedy here.