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How many sound absorbers do I need?

In order to determine the amount of sound absorbers required in a room, one should first differentiate between noise proofing and sound insulation to improve the room acoustics.

Sound insulation in mechanical engineering or vehicle construction is always about noise insulation, i.e. the greatest possible reduction in noise emissions. This requires targeted soundproofing. This can e.g. be achieved by completely lining the engine compartment or by encapsulating the motor with absorbers using the highest possible material thickness.

In the case of ​​room acoustics, however, it is mostly a matter of reducing the reverberation times and the reflections arising within the room, i.e. acoustic treatment. This is achieved through the targeted installation of individual sound absorbers on the walls and ceiling.

Install sound absorbers - find the ideal position in the living area
Where should I place my sound absorbers?

It’s easy to find the ideal position for your sound absorbers!

Find out in our aixFOAM Knowledge Base article how you can easily find the optimal location for your sound absorber and what you should pay attention to. We will introduce you to the mirror method, the drawing method and the string method.
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Dampen reverberation - simply calculate absorber quantity

In order to audibly reduce reverberation, a certain proportion of the room surface, i.e. the total area of the wall, floor and ceiling surface, should be equipped with sound absorbers. We recommend a step-by-step approach. It also makes sense to start with the ceiling in most cases.

With slight reverberation/noise, it is often sufficient to fit ~10% of the wall and ceiling surfaces with sound absorbers. In the case of elevated reverberation/noise, we recommend fitting ~20% and with strong reverberation/noise up to ~30% of the room surface with sound insulation. If you are unsure, start with a smaller amount of absorber and supplement it if necessary. This not only saves you money, it also prevents "over-dampening" and thus unpleasant artificial acoustics.

To determine which amount of sound absorber is appropriate for your application, use our aixFOAM volume calculator or contact the aixFOAM specialist planner for free advice.

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