Building an acoustic panel - our collaboration with Holzhandwerk Harres

Every day we support customers with individual noise protection concepts and sound absorbers to improve their acoustics. It is usually a matter of selecting the appropriate sound insulation for your requirements from our existing products. Of course, we always get exciting enquiries from professional and hobby craftsmen who want to implement their own soundproofing solutions with our materials.

We received one of these inquiries from Graz in Austria last year. Wood craftsman, designer and music lover Sergej Harres wanted to build acoustic panels for his living room in his latest project in order to really enjoy the sound of his music system. After Sergej gave us a more detailed description of his project, we quickly became enthusiastic about his simple but ingenious concept and were happy to agree to a collaboration.

The emergence of the acoustic frame step by step

At first Sergej planned to build several frames - of course from his favourite material, wood. For this he used mitred plywood, which he glued firmly at first.

After sanding, staining and oiling the frames, our sound absorbers and acoustic materials were then installed. Sergej chose our FLAT sound absorber in 8 cm thickness as the acoustic element for the frames. The thickness of the material guarantees that the panels provide clear sound in all frequency ranges. For an attractive and homely look, Sergej wanted to cover the panels with our aixFOAM acoustic cloth (SOFTTOUCH). In keeping with the dark wood, he opted for fabrics in the colours Bordeaux and cream white. First, the acoustic fabric was cut to size and placed over the frame. The soundproofing mats could then simply be clamped into them thanks to the precise dimensions of the frames. This meant both the fabric and the insulation material could be mounted without additional fastening.

The result is not only excellent acoustic properties, but also with a high-quality look and flexibility. Since the acoustic fabrics are been attached, they can be washed or replaced at any time.

We are absolutely delighted with the result of the project and thank Sergej for the inspiring and creative use of our sound absorbers and acoustic materials to build his acoustic panel. For us it is clear: Imitation is clearly desired!

aixFOAM Sound absorbers for the construction of an acoustic frame made of wood
aixFOAM Sound insulation mats FLAT and acoustic fabric (SOFTTOUCH) for building a wall panel
A homemade acoustic frame (upFRAME) made of wood
Close-up: Soundproofing in a fine wooden frame
Wooden frame with different coloured acoustic fabric covering
Acoustic wall panels in different colours on the wall
Acoustic frames (upFRAME) in different colours on the wall

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Who is Sergej Harres?
Portrait Sergej Harres

Sergej Harres is a wood craftsman, designer and music lover from Graz, Austria. With great attention to detail, he creates extraordinary one-off pieces - whether furniture, design objects or hi-fi components.

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