Working at home in peace
aixFOAM sound absorber for your home office
  • Less distraction from annoying sources of noise
  • Telephone and video conferences without annoying reverberation
  • Mobile acoustic elements for flexible work
  • Attractive designs for modern living and working spaces
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Colourful is beautiful.

Discover aixFOAM door insulation sets in 20 attractive colours and block out noise

Peace for your workplace.

Calls, telephone and video conferences without noise and reveberation - with our mobile table absorbers.

Sound insulation in the perfect setting

Discover our designer absorbers in mounting cassettes for flexible wall and ceiling mounting.

Now let’s get colourful!

With our hexagons you can let your creativity run wild - including perfect acoustics.

Simply great against sound!

Design your workplace according to your own ideas - top sound insulation guaranteed!