Acoustic Heavy Foil - SH0131
Acoustic Heavy Foil - SH0131 SH0131
Acoustic Heavy Foil - SH0131 SH0131

Acoustic Heavy Foil - SH0131 SH0131
Highly effective acoustic foil for body sound insulation
  • Rectangular acoustic plates (100 cm x 50 cm) with self-adhesive back
  • Ideal for minimizing material vibrations
  • Flexibly applicable in technical fields of application, e.g. Car body and vehicle construction, mechanical engineering acoustics, air ducts and air conditioning systems, metallic enclosures
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Acoustic Heavy Foil - SH0131 SH0131

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Material Thickness  
ca. 2,1 mm

500 mm

1000 mm

Technical Data  
heat-resistant for 2 h (°C): 100  
adherence at 20 °C (N/5 cm): > 20    
fire classification: DIN 75 200    
mendril bending 10 °C(mm): < 10    
alleviating factor according to DIN EN ISO 6721–3  200 Hz at 20 °C on steel panel 1 mm: 0,080    
chemical resistance: water, alcohols, diluted acids and brines    
mass per unit area: ca. 4 kg/qm   

Packaging Unit  
10/20/40/80/160/240 Stück

The acoustic heavy foil (SH0131) features an above-average area density which leads to an absorption of low frequencies and vibration. The composition of this foil imparts the product outstanding insulation-characteristics – also at low temperatures (of course also at high temperatures). Additionally this product is equipped with flame-retardants and is often used as a basis under medium- and high frequency absorbers (see recommendation).

Processing instructions Acoustic Heavy Foil
aixFOAM Acoustic Heavy Foil is equipped with a specially developed acrylic based adhesive system. The adhesive system must be used only on flat surfaces at macro level, e.g. sheet metal and aluminium. On rough surfaces the adhesive system can be used as mounting asssistance only. Further information is available in our technical datasheets and processing instructions, which could be send free of charge upon request.

Please note that this aixFOAM product is invariably made to order due to the variety of available options we as a manufacturer are able to offer. Thus all our customers receive their personal aixFOAM - acoustical absorption product, explicitely delivered as requested according to their needs and demands.

This product is manufactured according to DIN 7715 Teil 5 P3.

Packaging Unit  
subject to material thickness (please see category "Format" of the calculation window under the heading Prices).

Background information on anti-roar panels

For the absorption of low frequencies and heavy vibrations we recommend the usage of our SH0131. Due to its above-average area density our aixFOAM acoustic-heavy foil features a very good insulation and is therefore the ideal basis for casing-insulation in the area of car body- and vehicle construction, machinery construction, PC-casings, speaker-casings and also ship/boat building. Generally you can say that acoustic- heavy foil can be deployed anywhere, where vibrations have to be removed from sheet metals. Therefore not the absorption grade, but the so called “degree of loss” is measured. It is a very flexible foil – without reinforcement/ filled minimalistic and is equipped with a self-adhesive device with special developed glue on acryl basis (solvent free) as a standard feature. A PE-foil (polyethylene foil) is affixed as a top layer. Because of all these characteristics our highly efficient acoustic heavy foil is a perfect basis under medium- and high frequency absorbers. Discover almost endless possibilities of combinations in order to individually adapt the acoustic heavy foil to your needs! As a professional producer we are specialised on high- and low volume production of high-quality, professional acoustic products. Profit from our experience of several decades in the area of acoustics and from our sound insulation concepts!

This product by far exceeds the effectiveness of formerly used bitumen coated wool felt board. Therefore, for all vibration damping purposes, we recommend the exclusive use of acoustic heavy foil. In our product division "Technical Acoustics", we offer additional acoustic heavy foil lamination as an additional feature for all absorbers (see area Prices). On utilizing this option, you will receive a product with the ability to not only absorb airbourne sound, but also structure-bourne sound.

Application areas   
Car body construction, vehicle construction, domestic appliances, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, partition walls, acoustics, air ducts, sound absorbing doors, etc.

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