FLEXO Flexible against structure-borne sound


Flexible against structure-borne sound

Highly effective heavy acoustic foil for structure-borne sound insulation

  • Rectangular panel (100 cm x 50 cm) with STICKY rear
  • Ideal for minimising material vibrations
  • Flexibly usable in technical application areas, e.g. chassis and vehicle production, machine production acoustics, air ducts and air-conditioning, metal casings

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Anti-drumming mat FLEXO made from heavy acoustic foil – Flexible against structure-borne noise

  • Highly effective for dampening structure-borne sound, anti-drumming and minimising material vibrations
  • High surface weight increases the stability of thin-walled components
  • Self-adhesive, flexible, washable, can be mechanically worked and flame-retardant
Anti-drumming mat FLEXO made from heavy acoustic foil

Product data

Format, surface
Rectangular panel (100 cm x 50 cm), slightly structured surface
Material thicknesses
~ 2,5 mm (~ 0,25 cm)
Special sizes
Cuts, punched parts, special sizes possible upon request
Heavy acoustic foil without support insert with polyethylene cover layer, mineral-filled
Fire classes
DIN EN ISO 11925-2 / EN 13501-1: Klasse E

Fire behavior according to DIN 75200: max. 100 mm / min

STICKY (Makes your aixFOAM self-adhesive) equipment mit Klebstoffsystem auf Acrylbasis

Self-adhesive kit with acrylic-based adhesive system Note: The product should only be stuck to smooth surfaces (e.g. steel, aluminium, etc.). On rough bases, the adhesive effect is limited and the STICKY kit should only be used as an installation aid.

Lamination options
Alternatively, this product is also available as a laminate with every other aixFOAM technical acoustics product.
Surface weight
4,0 +/- 0,3 kg/ m²
ca. 1,9 g/ cm³
Heat resistance
30 min vertical to 120 °C120 min vertical to 100 °C
Adhesive strength/ Resistance to peeling
At 20 °C and 100 mm/ min: > 4 N/ cm
Low-temperature flexibility/ Spine bending
At 10 °C, Ø spine: 30 mm
Loss factor
At 200 Hz according to DIN EN ISO 6721-3

0.17 at 10 °C | 0.14 at 20 °C | 0.08 at 30 °C

Chemical resistance
Water, alcohols, diluted acids and alkalines
Harmful substance information
The product is not subject to a mandatory label according to EU directives / GefStoffV.
This high quality acoustic product is made on our precision machinery according to DIN 7715 Part 5 P3.

More information about this product is available, if required, in the accompanying datasheet. We are happy to provide you with this upon request.

Profit from sound insulation directly from the manufacturer!

At aixFOAM we make sound insulation for applications in room acoustics and technical acoustics. And because we do this particularly well, we have been doing it for 65 years. Over this time we have been constantly working on the further development of our products and therefore are able to offer you highly effective sound absorbers in a modern design.

Our aixFOAM philosophy: We combine customer-oriented advice with the individual, needs-based production of sound insulation solutions. Or in other words: We help you with free advice to find the ideal sound insulation for your project and start to make your absorbers directly after receiving your order. You then receive your sound insulation directly from the factory – naturally in the best quality.

  • Use of high quality acoustic foams from Germany
  • Precision manufacturing on the latest CNC cutting machines and systems
  • Standard solutions or individual small and series manufacturing of noise insulation
  • Advice, planning, production and brokering of assembly partners
An aixFOAM employee manufactures sound absorbers for sound insulation.
Brand quality
from the manufacturer
"Made in Germany"
for you, individually
in a few days
for 65 years
soundproofing experts
ISO 9001:2015 certified
The aixFOAM acoustic experts advise you on the subject of sound insulation free of charge.

‘Our heavy acoustic foil is the perfect product for dampening structure-borne sound and anti-drumming. It has a high surface weight – and an extremely small material thickness. It is popular among our customers above all in chassis and vehicle production, machine construction and for use in air ducts, air-conditioning and lifts. I am happy to recommend the heavy foil to reduce material vibrations and vibrations in garage doors, doors and steel containers.’

Thomas Stollenwerk, customer advisor

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Anti-drumming mat made from heavy acoustic foil
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