Quiet IT operations
Noise protection in the server room
Computer systems and server rooms can be found in every company and keep data constantly flowing - especially in industrial environments. In order to ensure their reliability noise-generating components, like ventilators or hard disks, are very often oversized. aixFOAM acoustic absorbers are the ideal solution for sound insulation in server rooms or PCs at workplace.
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  1. Art.nr. SH0021
    Acoustic convoluted foam for industrial sound protection
    • Industry standard for noise reducing foam
    • Rectangular plate (100 cm x 50 cm) with convoluted profile ("egg crate pattern")
    • Colour: anthracite
    • Versatile, e.g. For machine housings, motors, electroni...
    starting at
    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  2. Art.nr. SH0011
    Flexible flat sound insulation mats
    • Rectangular plate (100 cm x 50 cm) with flat surface
    • Breitbandabsorber
    • Colour: anthracite
    • Suitable for sound absorption. In the fields of mechanical engineering, vehicle construction, machine housings
    starting at
    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  3. Art.nr. SH0051
    Effective acoustic absorber with trapezoidal structure and solid basic strength
    • Rectangular sound absorber (100 cm x 50 cm) with trapezoidal profile
    • Available in anthracite
    • Flexible, e.g. For machine housings, server cabinets, machine rooms, server room...
    starting at
    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
  4. Art.nr. SH0131
    Highly effective acoustic foil for body sound insulation
    • Rectangular acoustic plates (100 cm x 50 cm) with self-adhesive back
    • Ideal for minimizing material vibrations
    • Flexibly applicable in technical fields of application, e.g. Car body and vehicle cons...
    starting at
    Price per package unit
    incl. 19% VAT
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  1. Art.nr. SH0051 MH
    Highly effective acoustic foam with trapezoidal profile in duromatic acoustic foam
    • Rectangular plate (100 cm x 50 cm) with homogeneously porous surface with trapezoidal profile
    • Extraordinary heat and flame resistance according to fire protection class ...
  2. Art.nr. SH0011 MH
    Highly effective sound insulation with duromere acoustic foam
    • Rectangular plate (100 cm x 50 cm) with homogeneously porous surface
    • Extraordinary heat and / or flame resistance according to DIN4102 B1 (without acoustic heavy foil lamination)
    • Chemically r...
  3. Art.nr. SH0021 MH
    Highly effective convoluted foam made from duromere acoustic foam
    • Rectangular acoustic plate (100 cm x 50 cm) with homogeneously porous surface with knurled profile
    • Exceptional heat and flammability according to fire protection class DIN4102 B1 (withou...
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Soundproofing in the server room

Please, check out our high-quality sound insulation systems for a more silent server room.

Our experts' advice

  • For an efficient sound insulation in your server room you can use our absorption panels with trapezoidal profile or with acoustic felt lamination.
  • Please, make sure to get the latest information about your fire protection regulations, so that we can provide the best solution for you.
  • Please, contact us at any time if you have any questions.

Computers and IT systems have long been introduced into the everyday life of most companies. Due to the enormous amounts of data that accrue, especially in the industrial sector, these systems are often very large. Noise-producing components like fans or rattling hard drives cause a high noise level, and make acoustic insulation particularly essential in the server room insulation. Besides noise protection for servers, PC insulation can also become necessary in many offices, if the PCs begin to emit intolerable levels of sound.

Appropriate server room sound deadening measures

Insulating the servers should already be considered when planning measures to counteract server room noise levels. The smooth walls of the area reflect the sound waves of individual components such as hard drives, fans and cooling. The sound rises, producing a volume in the server room that can disturb adjoining offices. If the insulation was neglected during the server room planning procedure, adequate server soundproofing measures can still be easily taken later.

Sound-absorbing acoustic elements offer various solutions for noise protection in the server cabinet. A special foam process gives aixFOAM acoustic foam unique properties, helping it to trap sound waves and convert them to warmth. Sound reflexion is also avoided, thus further reducing the noise level.

Using aixFOAM absorption foam with a trapezoidal profile, or soundproofing panels with acoustic felt lamination, is especially recommended for server room sound dampening. Both products are optimally tailored for noise protection and server sound dampening. To insulate the access floor, we offer special products that also qualify as fire class DIN 4102 B1.

There are different ways to install the absorbers. Installation cartridges have proven to be a high-quality option for insulating and sound dampening server rooms. These involve anodized aluminium frames, in which the absorption panels are set. These cartridges are fastened directly to the wall with vibration plugs, or hung from the ceiling using tension cables and suspension eyelets. The closer an absorber is to the sound source, the more efficient its effect. The advantage of tension cable technology is that assembly cartridges attached in such a way can be adapted simply and quickly to the individual room climate.

The simple exchange of standard suspended ceiling panels for strong, sound-absorbing aixFOAM acoustic elements is very popular. If there is no suspended ceiling, installation via self-adhesive equipment is an alternative. Both solutions do the job very efficiently for low installation costs. Attention also has to be paid to the server room raised access floor isolation.

Since the servers get really hot, the risk of fire in server rooms is always present and server room fire suppression measures should not be underestimated. Using sound absorbers of the highest fire protection class is strongly recommended. These products are available in various colours, so that they are also visually attractive. Using absorbers of fire class DIN 4102 B1 is prescribed in large server rooms frequented by people, and optimises the server area fire protection.

What should you do if servers or computers are too loud?

Noise is not only a problem in large server rooms. Offices often receive their server in a soundproof cabinet or in an insulated server cabinet. However, they're not the only source of sound here. Besides numerous other pieces of office equipment, even when an individual computer is too loud and has a negative influence on the working climate, thus requiring appropriate sound protection for computers and sound protection for the server room. Server sound dampening measures will increase the well-being of people.

aixFOAM soundproofing products offer a suitable solution for this as well. It can help achieve both insulation of the server cabinet and noise protection for the PC that is too loud. So, for example, the server cabinet can be lined with absorbers, for quieting the server noise. Computer insulation boards can be especially used to optimise computer sound insulation.

Since the direct proximity to electrical connections and the developing heat are not without risks, the fire protection regulations are of fundamental importance in applications of this type. Even if there are no special provisions, using flame-retardant foam should at least be considered.