“Send problem solvers for the sound temple” - aixFOAM sound absorber in the HiFi studio

The hifi-journal.de team subjected their listening room to an acoustic makeover. That’s why the audio and technology experts selected our SH006 sound absorber with a felt surface and our SH012 bass absorber - and of course, as always, they have summarised their experiences in detail in order to share them with their readers.

In the report by editor Matthias Fengler, he first describes the problems in the sound room: Unpleasant reverberation and spongy sound - a horror scenario for a room that is used both for meetings, but above all for music rehearsals and film reviews.

Read about the step-by-step optimisation of the sound room, starting with the preparation, processing and assembly of the sound absorbers at hifi-journal.de (German).

The complete report, including photos, measurement diagrams and before and after sound recordings can be found HERE.

Who is Matthias Fengler?
Matthias Fengler vom HiFi-Journal

Matthias Fengler is deputy editor-in-chief of HiFi-Journal. The online magazine has offered experienced readers and newcomers the opportunity to expand their knowledge and exchange ideas since 2014. Everyday, HiFi-Journal publishes the latest consumer electronics and hi-fi industry news, extensive and independent product tests and hosts a forum where information can be shared. The team is a diverse group of individuals, who complement each other wonderfully and can therefore offer the reader a huge amount of experience. The age of the editors does not matter, but is in fact what makes things so appealing.

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