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Sound insulation for room acoustics and technical acoustics direct and cheap from the manufacturer

In our Online Shop you will find highly effective acoustic elements for every use. As sound insulation, aixFOAM sound absorbers bring more ambience to living and working areas, as well as to leisure and gastronomy areas. As noise insulation, the absorbers ensure more peace and less noise from machinery, vehicles or appliances. In order to simplify the choice, we have divided our products into different categories. With free advice from our experts, we also support you when planning your soundproofing and help you find the optimum sound absorbers.
Buy aixFOAM door insulation sets in 20 different colours

Colourful is beautiful.

Discover aixFOAM door insulation sets in 20 attractive colours and block out noise.

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aixFOAM premium sound absorber with fire protection class DIN 4102 B1

The most effective soundproofing ever

Our aixFOAM Premium absorbers with Fire Protection Plus allow you to redefine soundproofing.

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Sound insulation with the aixFOAM acoustic frames

The right frame for your acoustics

Effective sound insulation as beautiful and flexible as never before - with aixFOAM acoustic frames

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Buy aixFOAM ceiling absorbers for your home

All good things come from above

Sound insulation for ceilings: Discover our sound absorbers for more quiet and crystal-clear acoustics!

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Buy aixFOAM bass absorbers

Low frequencies firmly under control

Discover our all-rounder absorber against bad bass sound - for the best sound, without compromise.

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aixFOAM sound absorbers for quiet working at home

Working at home in peace

Discover our aixFOAM sound absorbers for your home office.

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aixFOAM Imagefilm - We love and live acoustics

We love and live acoustics.

Who is behind aixFOAM? Lights! Camera! Action! - Let us take you behind the scenes and give you a glimpse of our daily work.

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Individual sound insulation with aixFOAM

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aixFOAM for room acoustics and technical acoustics

The areas of use for acoustic foam as sound insulation are numerous. Worked to highly effective sound absorbers, the flexible material improves room acoustics or ensures noise insulation for more peace.

Sound absorbers in room acoustics

When using sound insulation in room acoustics, the important thing in most costs if to reduce disturbing reverberation, to improve the sound in the room and to reduce noise. Depending on the requirements, in our aixFOAM Shop you will acoustic elements for soundproofing / noise insulation, as well as sound absorbers for sound dampening. Our product range includes wall and ceiling absorbers, bass absorbers and edge absorbers, free-standing acoustic elements and construction materials for footstep dampening and noise dampening.
Good acoustics increase the ambience and contribute crucially to well-being. With the aixFOAM sound absorbers, room acoustics can be selectively enhanced.
To room acoustics
Round sound absorbers on the ceiling of an office improve the room acoustics.

Sound insulation for leisure, living and workplace

Sound insulation is playing an ever more important role at the workplace: For example, sound absorbers are being used in offices and call centres in order to lower he background noise and stress from noise and to facilitate concentration at work. Industry without noise insulation is no longer imaginable either. aixFOAM sound absorbers in factories and workshops lower the noise pressure level and sound pressure level. As a result, the health risk from noise pollution is lowered and productivity supported. For sound insulation in larger production and commercial halls, we therefore offer planning and implementation of complete solutions such as acoustic ceilings or baffle ceilings.
In public areas such as schools, nurseries, sports halls or concert halls, as well as at home, sound absorbers also create better acoustics and a pleasant ambience. In bars, restaurants, and cafés, improved room acoustics invite people to linger.
Sound absorbers hang from the ceiling of a factory and reduce noise.
Sound absorbers in factories promote productivity. The noise level can be lowered considerably by acoustic ceilings or baffle ceilings. Our experts will support you in planning and implementation, free of charge.

Soundproofing in technical acoustics

In technical acoustics, aixFOAM sound insulation mats are used in various machines and devices for noise dampening and noise insulation. With either washable or liquid-repellent surfaces, our sound absorbers are highly efficient, dirt resistant and hard-wearing, especially when used in machine rooms, engine casings and machine casings. For electrical appliances, aixFOAM sound insulation elements also expertly reduce noise. In the area of sound insulation for boat buildings, sound insulation elements are increasing being used because noise dampening is becoming an ever more important subject in shipbuilding and yacht building as well.
Sound absorbers in technical acoustics dampen the noise from machines, engines, vehicles, appliances or plant. Selection of the right acoustic absorbers is critical.
To technical acoustics
An engine generates noise, soundproofing ensures peace.

Why sound insulation and sound absorbers from aixFOAM?

As manufacturer of high quality heavy acoustic foam sound absorbers, we at aixFOAM know how important but also challenging the subject of the sound insulation is. Through 60 years of experience and constant optimisation of our high quality acoustic foams, we have succeeded in developing flexible and stylish sound insulation elements with high absorption coefficients. You can get these direct and cheap from the factory in our Online Shop. Choose your favourites from several colours and fire protection classes.
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Acoustics meet design – Sound absorbers from aixFOAM

It is not just good acoustics that count more and more as a sign of quality in modern architecture, but also a consistently attractive design of the sound insulation elements. This is why you will find simple, smooth (flat) sound insulation panels and a large selection of profiled sound absorbers such the classic nubbed foam, pyramid foam or our sound absorbers with fashionable felt surfaces. Different installation options, such as our sound absorber panels with practical self-adhesive kit, simplify the installation of the sound absorbers and, like our hanging cassettes, are among our customers' most popular products. As a result, design highlights can also be included in the interior of restaurants, HiFi studios, sound studios, home cinemas, schools, nurseries, living areas, leisure rooms or surgeries using our sound insulation elements.
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Now it's your turn: Get the right sound insulation and bring an end to poor acoustics!

Choose your sound insulation from our aixFOAM acoustic absorbers. For some categories in the area of room acoustics such as "Office / Call centre" you can choose between products from the "Classic Line" and the "Architect Line". In technical acoustics, you have a choice between the "Classic Line" and "Engineer Line"in the category "Machine production / Plant construction", for example. The "Classic Line" is where you will find the basic products for effective sound insulation. In the "Architect Line" and "Engineer Line" we have collated sound absorbers for you in sought-after designs and higher fire protection classes.
A laptop shows the aixFOAM Online Shop with a selection of sound absorbers and sound insulation products.
Discover the classic sound insulation products in the aixFOAM "Classic Line" or sound absorbers with more exclusive designs and increased fire protection requirements in the "Architect Line" and "Engineer Line".
If you are unable to find your desired product in our shop or is you are uncertain about which sound absorbers to choose, use our free advice service. Our experts will support you with your projects in order to find the right solution for your requirements. Upon request you will also receive individual and tailored sound insulation solutions and sound absorbers for your project – simply contact our service team.
Free acoustic advice from aixFOAM

The aixFOAM technical planners can be contacted by telephone or email.

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